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[Nettime-bold] Tribeca and Genius 2000: 212.219.4544

"Showcasing the convergence of the Internet, entertainment and film 
industries.  Sept. 26-27th, 2000"

Boy that's some fucked-up phrasing.  Ugly at its worst.  If I was in New York 
tomorrow I'd go throw some tickets.  Dolby (Wagner and VR by Packer was 
unfortunate) and Rushkoff.  Proscenium VR and the Internal Revolution.  I'm 
going to send some negative email, and I recommend everyone else do the same. 
 Why?  Because I don't see Ethan Hawke as a leader of anything.  

Talking point:  "There are at least two copies of the Genius 2000 Video First 
Edition in New York City; one at Anthology Film Archive c/o John Mhiripiri 
and one at Rhizome.  You can also rent it at the Leather Tongue on Valencia 
in San Francisco (Sharon can mail it to you).  What relevance does Genius 
2000 in general have to streaming, for-profit art?  Absent a serious 
discussion at this Tribeca massacre I'll have to reject you and yours with 
even greater intent."

--Max Herman


As for Miklos being an idiot, I'd disagree.  He may even be a genius.  How 
about submitting those paintings--not hard to view--to the Conference?  No 
sales likely but it's the thought that counts.

Yours against falze aufhebung der convergence,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Conference 2000


For Immediate Release:

Showcasing the convergence of the Internet, entertainment and film 
industries.  Sept. 26-27th, 2000.


NEW YORK - Sept. 25, 2000 - Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal have
announced converge@tribeca 
(<http://www.convergeattribeca.com>www.convergeattribeca.com), an event 
that will
showcase Tribeca as a community that thrives within the entertainment and
technology industries.  The two day event will provide an opportunity for 
education, and networking.  converge@tribeca will premiere on Tuesday and
Wednesday, September 26th and 27th at the Tribeca Film Center located at 375
Greenwich Street, NYC.

The entertainment community has been interested in the Internet and its 
influence on
our industry for some time, but there aren t many forums where filmmakers,
producers and distributors can really come face-to-face with the people who 
making a difference in the internet/entertainment relationship.  Bob and I 
hope to
bring that to the New York entertainment community, says Jane Rosenthal,
co-founder of Tribeca.

The event will include two days of panel discussions, keynote breakfasts and
screenings.  Discussion topics are:

 Next Generation - Who They Are and What They Want
 New Technology - The Need-to-Know for Filmmakers, Producers and
 The Revival of Animation and the Short Film
 What The Future Looks Like From Here

Some of the confirmed panelists include:

 Ethan Hawke, Actor and Director, Last Word on Paradise (digital film)
 Jim Rosenthal, President, New Media Division, New Line Cinema
 Andrew Jarecki, CEO, AOL Moviefone
 Jason McCabe Calacanis, CEO, Silicon Alley Reporter
 Stefanie Henning, Vice President of Content Acquisition, Shockwave.com
 Rick Boyce, President of the Networks, Snowball.com
 Chris Mehringer, CEO, Neurotrash.com

Trina Wyatt, CFO of the Tribeca Entertainment adds, Since we streamed the 
feature film over the Internet at the Film Center last year, I have wanted 
to further
bridge the gap between the film and technology industries. We are very 
excited to
web cast the event on both web sites, 
<http://www.tribecafilm.com>www.tribecafilm.com and at
<http://www.convergeattribeca.com>www.convergeattribeca.com as an on demand 
feature after the 27thof September.

Confirmed Sponsors are:

 Body Glove
 Dolby Laboratories
 Fast Company
 Loeb & Loeb
 Media On Demand
 The Mixx
 North Fork Bank

To register or for more on the event visit the website at

Tribeca Film Center was formed by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal in 1989
with the goal of creating an environment that helps foster a community 
within the
entertainment industry.  Tribeca Film Center includes a full-service office 
state-of-the-art Screening Room (complete with digital projection system) and
conference rooms.  Tribeca Entertainment includes Tribeca Film Center, Tribeca
Productions, and affiliated companies.

Maro Hagopian

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