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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Water-shedding

"Anyone working as a digital artist is building castles made of sand."

-- Jaron Lanier.

I suppose Alan Sondheim can be forgiven for being mostly a writer.

on 9/25/00 8:48 AM, Roberto Verzola at wrote:

>> them, in one or another version, have been distributed. Nonetheless, a lot
>> of people I would want to have them just haven't been interested - and I
>> ascribe this to - no matter how much the opposite is claimed - an intrans-
>> igent attachment to the _book_ - something I also feel. It's as if the
>> cdrom can only be a _project,_ or _resource_ - but nothing that carries
>> the weight or intimacy of the book - nothing, in short, that is _desirab-
>> le,_ in terms of personal ownership. The relationships and gaps between
> Perhaps because you don't need anything else to read a book, except a
> knowledge of the language it is written in. A cdrom needs a cdrom
> drive, computer and software, all of which must be compatible with the
> cdrom. It also needs electricity and the technology that produces it.
> In short its usefulness requires an *entire* infrastructure which is
> itself changing rapidly. I'll go with the book.
> Roberto Verzola
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