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[Nettime-bold] 386 DX gives farewell concert in London

Dear Londoners and visitors of the metropolis!

Sunday September 17, 8.30pm
at the Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms< 1 HOXTON STREET< London N1

Aging cyberpunk rocker whose style can also be defined as robopop gives
its farewell concert in London. 
Don't miss this colourful performance that is going to "blow your mind"!
386 DX consists of one (!) 386 DX PC that performs LIVE with some
assistance of a human operator. The band's vocalists sings with
text-to-speech voice while guitars and drums are result of FM midi
synthesis. The music is accompanied with generative computer animations
that are synchronized with the sound.
Every 386 DX's concert questions the current historical paradigm
(replacement humans with machines) and always gives positive answers.
After London the band goes to Nuernberg, Malmoe, Graz, Athens and

<The concert is sponsored by The Lux Centre for Film, Video & Digital
Arts and is the opening event of TRAGIC DATA Show>

More info: http://easylife.org/386dx

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