P[urrsonal]A[reah]N[etwurker] on 11 Sep 2000 20:52:00 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] /P[H]ost orgasm yrself in2 WAR[ning]z/.

......./Po[E].ST War[ning]

[m-magez of a single [m]mage, humanoid antz trapped in a horsefleshian c +
blunderin beastz screamingly N-oh-cent + 14 yearish bebbez s-s-[N]sueing
throat bleeding yellz from the back of the s[11]idelinez]

/Post Awe-ganic.........

[1 gets their teeth knocked bac + N-other buttered by baton wingz + n-other
victim of a chant resplendent in a nazi gooze[hop & bashe &]bumpish step]

|||||||||/Post [w]Ar.gentic Do[$]11.ar Shine

[bootz clicked in2 shape + N-ee-me beaniez blackened by the char[red]coaled
breath of gl.o[r]b[it]al g[rave]ods - a turninge pointed stick d-signed to
rape anne i & scrap the remains in2 the numbered whorls & worlds [tri the
3rd or 3.8th]


[came 2 late - remnants ov sci-[D-]fied pro.te[ster]en gene warz - splice
spitting - clone contusionz]

/Post Or[dure]ganz+++++++++++++++++

[m-bedded in2 a scemata of hate = awareness lost N licked by the gell-mass
core.poor.8 = stitched uppe suitez & sue[t]ings commonplace::

IF ewe = suit s[l]ick, then      +  +   +    +   +====
Ignore:: d-isplacement, d-evil.ution, d-esperation
M-brace:: slick I-T regurgitation, eek[!].o[g]nomic augmentation  

/P[H]ost orgasm yrself in2 war[ning]z/.


data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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