P[urrsonal]A[reah]N[etwurker] on 6 Sep 2000 07:17:28 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] n0n-Aut0[n0mic]matic teXt

]]]]]]]]]]]]]non-Auto[nomic]matic text generation[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

]algo[e]r[ratum]ithmic sequentials

]mendel[brot]z N bratz

]heart f[usionic]elt wretching//pos.E.tronic tonicz N s[t]witching formz align

]bro.ken lin[john c]age seque[las]nce 

]gene[rous]tic mark-up in2 the etherkode; abor[t]gian white wazhingz n
ass.cerbic whores

]corro[de][ri]sive attemptingz

]a dream ov 2; revolve in2 next_stage_exit_

]N-droidal wishingz: c[orr.S.pondin]artograph[ite]-Ez

]remove.all ov con[re]straintz//ab.late renderingz//obtuse sicklee
st.rand[N uber monee unitz]

]actualiteez b[ytez]lown//awk.[ed]wardian re::meme::burrancez

]@.temptz 2 revoKe the code//awe//psswd N-Tree[[N leaves n patternz


]net split N spitting in2 p[iXel]out

]con.neck[n back pain].ion[z N electronic vibes thru-outagez]

]lashed d.own[ed n raked] broad::band.ages

]pictor[ial] purrfectualz

]d[arwinian]emandin rewritez n wrongz::spoutin a stream ov [zer]o[N

]trans.mut[e][revel]ationz///ab[cessed in2 N-other
time.spherical]lutionz////removal of the battl.e[thic], thick with the
smell ov it

]beautee's stench packed in2 ah l[ectronic]oad, wanderin thru the

]printed l[sh]eavez break screen[ritez ov]passage.z///square peggingz
pretend the real. foam N-casings render oblonic parts d-signed to offer life

][ne]ckronic finger crampz/// shouldahz curlling n n-ternal shapez d-signed
4 d-ev[ilz]olvings ///legz twist in2 comfort scanned n printed zonez


chronic neck & finger cramps.....shoulders curling in internal shapes
designed for devils and devolution beings
.....legs twist into comfort scanned & printed zones 

printed leaves/sheaves break the screen's hold...rampant rites of
passage....square peggings pretend the real.... foam encasings render
oblong shaped parts designed to offer a type of life.....

beauty's stench packed into an electronic load, wandering through the
subjective strains

transmutations...revelations...mutes revel in both......ablutions abcessed
into another time sphere, removal of the battle ethic, thick with the smell
of it

darwinians demand rewrites & wrongs, spouting a stream of zero & oned

picture & pictorially perfect

lashed down & raked broadband bandages

neck & back pain connections & electronic vibes through outages

net split & spitting in pixel pouts

retry, remove all computer constraints & straightjackets

attempts to revoke the code or password entry leaves synchronic rondo-like

actuality blown by bytes & awkward edwardian remembrances

removal of restraints, ablated renderings, obtuse sickly strands

androidal wishings with corresponding graphite cartographies

a dream of two revolves into the next_stage_exit

corroding derisive attemptings

genetic mark-up into the ether-code; abortive white washings & acerbic whores

broken linage sequence [john cage noise & silence]

heart fusion-felt retches & positronic tonics, twitching forms align

mendel/mandelbrots & brats

algorithmic erratum sequentials

data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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