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[Nettime-bold] BACKSPACE: //wwwhere next? - the picnic

BACKSPACE: //wwwhere next?  - the picnic


We have all had a break from a physical location for BACKSPACE....

People have been carrying on with other projects and maxing things out on
the web.

A few people who use the server for streaming and for hosting projects
recently met up.  We thought it'd be a good idea to start looking about to
get things going again. still holds the highest
concentration of
digital culture in London.  Loss of the physical space has effected
everyone in diferent ways, some are key things are clearly missing from
this ever more pressured town:

- the chance for projects to develop without meeting institutional agendas
- informal meetings of people and of needs for space and skills
- a place for projects to be presented and shown
- for art, politics, life, technology, music, brats, objects, tea, cabling,
to meet and party

To kick things off, there's a picnic happening to work out what people
want, what they can do to make things happen - and of course, to brainstorm
any ideas for locations for an new SPC.  Come along for lunch with grub,
kids, and
whatever to make an afternoon of it:

12noon onwards
Greenwich Park - by the playground at the bottom of the hill
(if inside the Maritime Museum 1PM - entrance near the
playground - free)
>trains from London Bridge or Charing Cross to:  Maze Hill, Greenwich Town.
>If you come by car be careful where you park eh!<

some of you will get this more than twice - sorry if that's you, please
pass one to a friend.

James Stevens

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