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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Webby Awards // moma and popa

hello webby actors and lovers,

did build a wonderfull Elliott Tactical i-Booster to upgrade 2000 Webby
Awards communication system.

the machine is called :  elliott-moma-and-popa // sfmoma - pavu communication
ref : EL.oed-rex.001
you will find it at :
please feel free to use it for direct communications to sfmoma [watson] and
palais-tokyo art mailing list.

other i-Boosters available on http://pavu.com portal.

feel curious to discover the Data Head (DgH) : a new currency based on the
best value on the net : the space server.

thank you for supporting pavu.com activities !

for pavu.com
clement Thomas - executive
-/ welcome to a plining world ! /-

Heath Row a *crit :

> I was a nominating judge for the Community category --
> http://www.webbyawards.com/nominees/2000/community.html.
> At the last Webbies I went to in San Francisco -- the year Jodi.org won
> the Net Art category -- Jodi.org staged a fine protest/acceptance speech.
> The two stomped up to the podium, grabbed the award, shouted "You
> commercial motherfuckers!" or something, and stomped out of the hall. The
> audience was stunned. That was the first award of the evening. Set a nice
> tenor for the event.
> Heath
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