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[Nettime-bold] DOSTRAVEL Solomon Islands Public Announcement 03/17/00 (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 15:22:01 -0600
From: U.S. State Department <stategov@UIC.EDU>
Subject: DOSTRAVEL Solomon Islands Public Announcement 03/17/00

Solomon Islands - Public Announcement March 17, 2000

American citizens on Guadalcanal are advised to avoid travel
to areas outside the capital Honiara, and to exercise
caution while in Honiara.  Ethnic tensions, crimes against
property and incidents of assault have increased in Honiara
during the past year.

There have been acts of lawlessness and sporadic armed
incidents since 1999 throughout Guadalcanal. Violence has
not targeted American citizens, although in one 1999
incident outside Honiara, several expatriates were detained
and threatened before being released unharmed.  Travelers
outside Honiara are likely to encounter roadblocks manned by
armed militant groups in areas beyond the control of
government authorities.  There has been at least one
incident in which a civilian vehicle has come under fire on
Guadalcanal Island.  In March 2000, there were
confrontations between police and militants in Honiara.  No
expatriates were hurt.  Some of these events stem from
heightened ethnic tension on Guadacanal.  In view of these
incidents in and near the principal urban center, American
citizens in the Solomon Islands should take proper
precautions to safeguard their welfare and security.  There
is no evidence at present that tensions on Guadalcanal
extend to other provinces in the Solomon Islands.

The Department of State recommends that American citizens
considering travel to the Solomon Islands review the
information available in the State Department's Consular
Information Sheet, available on the Bureau of Consular
Affairs' home page at http://travel.state.gov.

This Public Announcement updates the January 20, 2000
Public Announcement on the Solomon Islands to note increased
violence in and around Honiara.

This Public Announcement expires on June 16, 2000.

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