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[Nettime-bold] Apologies for poor netiquette and removal from our list

This is the last correspondence you will receive from us.  We would like
the opportunity to apologize and explain.

There is no way to undo the inconvenience caused by the barrage of e-mails
you received as a result of our "test" last week.  When we discovered there
was a problem, we put an immediate stop to it.  

Our intention was to give people the chance to unsubscribe from the email
list that we use to inform people of our events.  Unfortunately, some
people used the REPLY button rather than the unsubscribe format defined in
our e-mail.  This resulted in everyone on the list receiving all the
postings.   The list-serv was set up as a discussion list, which meant that
all replies went to the entire list.  This was an inadvertent and
inappropriate choice and not something that we had intended.  We were
mis-informed and mis-advised.

We apologize for this inconvenience and have rectified the situation.   It
will not happen again.  

This was our first attempt to use an outside company to manage our email
list.  We have taken the list back in-house and have been working
exclusively on sorting it out and responding to many individuals since this
situation occurred.  You are no longer on this list.  

Please note:  GoGaGa's name somehow got wrapped up in this confusion and
that they had nothing to do with this email chain reaction.  Also, CD's are
NOT for sale - that was someone's joke.

Again, sincere apologies to all of you for the inconvenience.


c/o Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
5 World Trade Center, Suite 9235
New York, NY 10048
tel (212) 432-0900
fax (212) 432-3646

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