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[Nettime-bold] join flash film festival/flash conference & expo

For those interested in streaming media design...
Mieke Gerritzen just told me about an upcoming first flash
film festival, taking place on monday night, March 27, in
San Francisco.

The Flash Film Festival
6:00pm-7:30pm/3.27 Auditorium,
Nob Hill Masonic Center

The Flash Film Festival is a gala celebration of the world's best FlashT
creations chosen from nearly 2000 entries nominated on the
www.flashforward2000 site.The 50 finalists will be screened at the Festival
and winners will be announced that evening and posted on the
flashforward2000 website. Hosting the festivities are Lynda Weinman,; Stewart McBride, United Digital Artists; and a celebrity guest.
Don't miss it!

The awards ceremony showcases the best Flash movies chosen in ten
categories: Most Original, Best Design, Most Experimental, Best
Interactivity, Best Animation, Best Sound, Best Interface, Best E-Commerce,
Best Entertainment, and Best of Show. A panel of top flashT developers and
artists juried the entries and FlashT fans have been casting votes online.
You'll see the dazzling results at the evening fete.

The competition is part of the premier Flash solution expo
and conference, from March 27-29.

Masonic Hall Auditorium
Rob Burgess, chairman and CEO, Macromedia
Kevin Lynch, Senior Vice President, Macromedia
9:15-10:00am Tuesday, March 28

Championed Macromedia's "next generation" Web products including FlashT,
Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Shockwave, which are making possible highly
interactive, high-fidelity content that delivers multisensory experiences to
Web consumers worldwide. Macromedia also supplies the Internet's most
popular media players with FlashT and Shockwave, now installed in over 200
million systems.

Frank Casanova, QuickTime Product Marketing Director, Apple Computer
10:00-10:45am Tuesday, March 28
Joined Apple in 1988, to help start Apple's high-performance CPU group,
responsible for the Macintosh IIfx, Quadras, and eventually, the PowerPC
Advanced Technology Group. Frank's formerly headed Apple's Advanced Systems
Laboratory where he and 52 research scientists and engineers devoted
themselves to ubiquitous computing and information access. Frank considers
himself an "avid Heavy Metal guitarist and professional head banger."

John Warnock, co-founder and chief executive officer of Adobe Systems
9:15-10:00am Wednesday, March 29
Pioneered software products in the world of graphics, publishing, electronic
document technology, and Web design. Prior to Adobe Systems, John was
principal scientist at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center).He holds four
patents as well as a Ph.D. in computer science, an M.S. in mathematics, and
a B.S. in mathematics and philosophy from the University of Utah.

Rob Glaser founder and CEO, RealNetworks
10:00-10:45am Wednesday, March 29
Launched streaming media delivery over the Internet through its
standards-setting RealAudio, RealVideo, RealPlayer and RealSystem products.
In 1999 he developed RealJukebox and RealSystem MP. Rob has an M.A. in
Economics and a B.S. in Computer Science from Yale University, and worked 10
years for Microsoft, where he managed Microsoft Word, and was Vice President
of Multimedia and Consumer Systems.


The Flash Film Festival
6:00pm-7:30pm/3.27 Auditorium,
Nob Hill Masonic Center

The Flash Film Festival is a gala celebration of the world's best FlashT
creations chosen from nearly 2000 entries nominated on the
www.flashforward2000 site.The 50 finalists will be screened at the Festival
and winners will be announced that evening and posted on the
flashforward2000 website. Hosting the festivities are Lynda Weinman,; Stewart McBride, United Digital Artists; and a celebrity guest.
Don't miss it!

The awards ceremony showcases the best Flash movies chosen in ten
categories: Most Original, Best Design, Most Experimental, Best
Interactivity, Best Animation, Best Sound, Best Interface, Best E-Commerce,
Best Entertainment, and Best of Show. A panel of top flashT developers and
artists juried the entries and FlashT fans have been casting votes online.
You'll see the dazzling results at the evening fete.


Sunday, March 26
Registration and Badge Pick-up

Monday, March 27
Lobby, Downstairs, Mezzanine
Continental Breakfast

Advanced FlashT Scripting Pre-conference Workshop
Robert Reinhardt, FlashT 4 Bible;
Jason Coleman, HCA Marketing

Welcome and Announcements:
Stewart McBride, United Digital Artists

Advanced FlashT Site Tour
Surveys some of the most siginificant possiblitities attainable with action

Scripting Concepts and Vocabulary
Explanations of new terms, such as variables, expressions, conditionals and

FlashT Forms
How do you make submit-forms? Use of text fields, load movie variable, when
to use Get or Put, testing and troubleshooting, security issues, and
duplicate movie.

11:00 - 11:15

Advanced action scripting begins with an understanding of targetting. This
session will cover examples using tell target, load movie, set variable, and
get/set properties.

Lunch Break

Dynamic interaction and modification requires looping. Get and set
properties, preloading. If, else, and while statements will also be

FS Commands
Working with FS commands for stand-alone projectors. All the FS commands
will be covered.

Coffee Break

4:00 - 4:30
Steve Cherneff, Macromedia
Learn how to dynamically generate your FlashT content from backend databases
or application servers withGenerator Dynamic Graphics Server, thus
personalizing and automating your FlashT movies, creating a more compelling
site and saving production time.

4:30- 5:30
Q&A with presenters and FlashT Engineers

Pre-Conference Workshops End

Flash Film Festival, Auditorium

Preconference Day Ends

FlashT Fundamentals Pre-conference Workshop
Lynda Weinman,

9:00- 9:15
Welcome and Announcements
Lynda Weinman,

FlashT Site Tour
Surveys some of the most significant possiblilities obtainable with the
FlashT format.URLs will be shown in context throughout the day.

FlashT Concepts and Vocabulary
What's a symbol, action, timeline, keyframe, group or tell target? These
terms will be described with detailed examples.

Macromedia FlashT overview
A tour through the drawing tools and interface.

11:00 - 11:15

Creating Animation and Artwork
Symbols, timeline, and animation (motion and shape tween).

Lunch Break

Creating Interactivity
Creating rollovers and button actions. A look at action scripting.

Selling FlashT to your Clients
Natalie Zee
How can you push the envelope on the Web with FlashT and still meet the
needs of your client? These days it seems that most clients crave cutting
edge technology but with the impossible burden of accessibility for all.
Prepare yourself for the Brave New World of selling FlashT to your clients.

Coffee Break

Adobe Systems LiveMotionT
Michael Ninness, product manager for Adobe Systems LiveMotionT will show off
its FlashT authoring features.

Q&A with Lynda and Product Managers

Pre-Conference Workshops End


Tuesday, March 28

Lobby, Downstairs, Mezzanine
Continental Breakfast

Auditorium (with Downstairs Simulcast)
Welcome and Announcements
Stewart McBride, United Digital Artists

Auditorium (with Downstairs Simulcast)
Rob Burgess and Kevin Lynch, Macromedia

Auditorium (with Downstairs Simulcast)
Frank Casanova, Apple Computer

Lobby, Downstairs, Mezzanine
Coffee Break
Lobby, Mezzanine
flashforward2000 Exhibition Opens

Creative and Inspirational
Hillman Curtis,
Hillman is one of the most renowned FlashT designers in the world. His work
makes us realize why we're creating FlashT work in the first place. It
showcases the incredible power of creativity that the Macromedia FlashT
format affords. Hillman will take you on a tour through his work, complete
with insider stories, tips and insight into his creative process.

The Dynamic Duo: Using FlashT with Director
Pat McClellan, The Jack Morton Company
Macromedia's Director not only has its own vector drawing tools, but has
extensive controls for hosting and controlling a FlashT movie. Learn how to
embed FlashT content in Director, and how the FlashT Asset Xtra works.

Lobby, Downstairs, Mezzanine
Lunch Break

New FlashT Tools
Lynda Weinman,
Lynda tours you through some of the exciting new FlashT tools: Macromedia
FlashT Writer, Adobe LiveMotionT, RealNetworks, Swift3D, Swish, Vecta3D,
killersound, Apple Computer, Final Cut Pro.

FlashT eBusiness Solutions
Matt Connors, Macromedia
Learn how to use FlashT for compelling eBusiness applications, from
personalized shopping applications to rich-media advertising.

Campaigning with Generator:
Matt Lerner, Macromedia; Dave Titus, Dave Titus Illustrations, Drew Youngs,
Learn how Generator was instrumental in the convergence of three powerful
forces: the Internet, the new economy, and politics as we know it. Tour a
zany and controversial election-year site which masterly uses FlashT and
Generator to alter the face of politics and let anybody run for the highest
office in the land. Then go behind the scenes with Generator guru, Dave
Titus, to deconstruct the site and learn his success recipes using FlashT
and Generator.

Web Printing for eBusiness with FlashT
Eric Wittman, Macromedia
Web layouts look great in browsers, and print layouts are designed for
printing, but until FlashT Player, the two could not work well together.
Learn how Web publishers can deliver a compelling FlashT Web site which can
print a high-quality lay-out that will never appear on a user's screen.

Lobby, Downstairs, Mezzanine
Coffee Break

Lobby, Mezzanine
flashforward2000 Exhibition Closes

Action Scripting Applied
Josh Ulm, The Remedi Project This session showcases the powerful
interactivity made possible with ActionScripts and conditional logic of
FlashT 4. Josh Ulm, renowned developer and instructor, will walk you through
the vocabulary of action scripts with real-world examples.

FlashT Experimental Interfaces: Freehand and FlashT
Todd Purgason, JUXT Interactive
Todd will deconstruct some of his beautiful and original interface and site
designs and dissect his creative process, covering the spectrum from
conceptual design to authoring the files. He will explore conceptual
thinking, communicating through motion, interactivity as a relationship,
functionality, concepting designs with Freehand and effective authoring
strategies for FlashT.

Database Integration with FlashT
Mick Herres and Dave Huseby, Fusion Inc.
Leading developers of, which showcases chat, message boards,
and avatars created in FlashT, will share insights, tips, and tricks on
efficient database/flashT integration. Shock Fusion runs one of the first
sites that integrates PHP and FlashT.

Animation Principles
Chris Casady, Effects Animator, Star Wars, TRON
FlashT lets anyone create animation, but that doesn't make anyone a
"skilled" animator. This session begins with the simplest principles of
animation: timing, anticipation, bounce, stretch, squash, and progresses
into the analysis of physical effects and natural phenomena. You'll see
examples of FlashT animation broken down into single frames revealing what
it takes to create realistic motion for sparks, fire, lightning, water, and
explosions. Learn the underlying principles of animation and how to relate
these principles to your work in FlashT.

FlashT Town Meeting and Site Critique
Submit your site for critique:
Lynda and surprise guests will host this critique. This is a great
opportunity to learn about design criteria for FlashT movies.

Dinner on Your Own

9:00pm-12:00 midnight
Regency Theater (Corner of Sutter and Van Ness).
Macromedia/ Party.
Macromedia and are pulling out all the stops at this inaugural
party for flashforward2000. Macromedia FlashT X technology preview,
cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, live DJ, and VERY special guest entertainment.
Come early for the FlashT preview. flashforward2000 badge required for


Wednesday, March 29th
Lobby,Downstairs, Mezzanine
Continental Breakfast

Auditorium (with Downstairs Simulcast)
Welcome and Announcements
Stewart McBride, United Digital Artists

Auditorium (with Downstairs Simulcast)
Visionary Keynote: John Warnock, Adobe Systems

Auditorium (with Downstairs
Visionary Keynote: Rob Glaser, RealNetworks

Lobby,Downstairs, Mezzanine
Coffee Break

Three Artists: Three Visions
Amy Franceschini, futurefarmers; Ardith Ibaņez Rigby, Akimbo Design; Josh
Ulm, The Remedi Project
This session showcases the work of three exceptional FlashT artists. They
will share the creative process that went into producing their inspired
FlashT creations. A session for anyone interested in how the great FlashT
artists plan, strategize and approach a concept.

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics
Michael Bierman, Adobe Systems
Explore what SVG offers Web developers, and how it differs from and
compliments FlashT and traditional raster-based formats like PNG, GIF, and
JPEG. Learn about upcoming W3C specification for vector graphics on the Web.

Lobby,Downstairs, Mezzanine
Lunch Break

FlashT in Three Dimensions
Manuel Clement, MANO1 Digital Visions
FlashT cannot produce 3D artwork natively, but that hasn't stopped designers
from finding the best "workarounds" to import 3D images and navigation
systems from other applications. Manuel Clement, a pioneer 3D FlashT artist
from Marseilles, France, outlines the challenges of working with 3D
(downloading speed, linear and radial gradient limitations) and examines
three new tools for 3D FlashT developers: Swift 3D, Illustrate4, and

Adobe LiveMotionT
Michael Ninness, Adobe Systems
LiveMotionT Senior Product Manager tours you through this brand-new product:
demonstrating how to author FlashT animations, sound and interactivity.

Sounding Off with FlashT
Richard Joffray, The Art Institute of Seattle; Greg Penny, Flower Records
Greg Penny, an established record producer (K.D. Lang and Elton John are
among his credits) with musical and artistic vision and Richard Joffray a
technical, programming expert, will team up to discuss process, workflow,
event sound, layering sound, MP3 compression and other issues related to
sound in FlashT 4. Their presentation will include a case study of, an online record label which uses a FlashT front-end with
MP3 sound.

Javascript Meets FlashT
Phillip Kerman, Multimedia Training Expert
If you think FlashT has limited "programming" capabilities, think again.
Anything JavaScript can do, FlashT can too. FlashT can send and receive
messages to JavaScript so it's the logical step for any developer who wants
to go beyond the basic features of HTML and FlashT. This session will pick
up where FlashT's "FS Command" leaves off.

Lobby, Downstairs, Mezzanine
Coffee Break

Lobby, Mezzanine
flashforward2000 Exhibition Closes

Ming Thompsen, Senior Rich Media Developer, OVEN Digital
Gregory Kennedy, OVEN Digital NY
Oven Digital is producing some of the most artistic and technically
challenging FlashT sites around. This session will showcase their work, and
the minds behind the back and front end of the creative process. The dialog
between the FlashT programmer and the FlashT artist is one of the most
important bridges to cross, and OVEN Digital is successfilly spanning that

Broadband and FlashT
Philip Fierlinger, Turntable Media
Learn how to design an experience that has the audio visual intensity of TV
and the rich interactive features of the internet. The areas of focus will
be: building FlashT sites which are targeted at broadband customers, while
optimized for modem speeds; designing a consumer product experience with TV
"look and feel;" strategies to stream content most efficiently to
minimize/eliminate load times; and tips and tricks about building a FlashT
site that is truly modular and scalable.

Character Animation
Moderated by
A panel of leading animators and industry experts discuss current
opportunities and future possibilities for the creation and distribution of
animation on the Internet. This session will focus on the people, ideas and
technologies involved in creating web-based animated content. Featured
artists include: Anthony Ajello, Spunky Productions; Zachary Foley, Stan Lee
Media; Michael Lipman from Mondo Media; Tina Reynolds, Matt and Trey; Joe
Sparks, creator of Radiskull and Devil Doll; and with Eric Oldrin of moderating.

Optimizing FlashT
David Baldeschwieler,
This session will cover everything from optimizing individual images to
global settings. You will learn about the bandwidth profiler, how to
estimate streaming times, and creating preloaders.

Wrapup and Raffle



Tommy Ajello is a talented animator from the wild world of Spunky
Productions which has created two Web original animations for
Hix Hollar, a family of suburban runaways who seek refugee on a chicken farm
in the country; and The Beatless, a motley band of private investigators
defending the world against all forms of paranormal mayhem.

David Baldeschwieler is the technical media designer for Macromedia's
marketing team. He designs and produces live product demos and marketing
materials for the company's full suite of 11 web publishing products. A
graphic designer by training, he was hired by Macromedia in 1997 as a
Software Quality Assurance Engineer to work on a new vector animation
product called Macromedia FlashT. As an important member of the once-small
development team for FlashT 2, 3, and 4, he helped spec, test and ship the
product. David teamed up with Lynda Weinman to write and produce her
"Learning FlashT 4.0" video series.

Michael Bierman is senior product marketing manager for SVG at Adobe Systems
Incorporated. He is responsible for incorporating SVG into Adobe's product
line, and is the company's Evangelist for SVG technology.Before joining
Adobe, Bierman spent six years at Sun Microsystems two of those years on the
Java marketing team. He has been recognized with awards by Sun and the
Society of Technical Communications for his work in online documentation

Chris Casady is a 'traditional' Hollywood animator working in motion picture
effects, music videos and TV commercials. Specializing in animated effects
and rotoscoping techniques Casady's creations have been seen in The Craft,
Beetlejuice, Buckaroo Banzai, The Empire Strikes back, TRON, Airplane!, Ed
Wood etc. Now known for abstract graphics and FlashT title sequences, Chris
has created animated Sega TV commercials and has directed animated music
videos for the Beastie Boys and Eddie Murphy with Michael Jackson.

Steve Cherneff is Macromedia senior product specialist focusing on FlashT
and Generator products. Prior to his current position he was senior
consultant for the Southeast Asia Region. Steve has acted as Macromedia's
Developer Relations Manager, working with many of the world's largest
interactive agencies and developers. Formerly Steve was a producer and
marketing manager at an award winning interactive software developer,
Amazing Media.

Manuel Clement, is the 3D Web artist who created Mano1 Digital Visions
( His clients range from GOOEY to Data Protect, the Florida
Department of Health and French President Jacques Chirac. With seven years
of classical piano and music theory training, he now runs, a
new entertainment site for the music business. A winner of two Macromedia
SSOD awards in 1999, Manuel is a contributor to the "FlashT 4 Bible" with
Robert Reinhard and John Warren Lentz.

Napoleon Cole is the president and chief executive officer of Fusion Inc. He
is also a member of the FlashT 5 Advisory Board, and prior to Fusion served
as a system adminstator for EDS and interactive producer for

Jason Coleman is a sculptor, digital interface designer and instructor. He
is also co-author with Lynda Weinman of the upcoming book "FlashT 4.0
Hands-on Training: Motion Graphics, Multimedia and Interactivity
Techniques." Jason has worked as an interface architect, web designer/
programmer and professional trainer. Jason is a founding partner and the
Executive Creative Director of HCA Marketing, a Dallas-based Internet
commerce development corporation. In that role he specializes in guiding the
development of Shockwave oriented commerce applications.

Matt Connors is the Senior Product Marketing Manager of FlashT and FreeHand
at Macromedia. Prior to that, he was the Product Manager of FreeHand 8 and
was the Technical Product Manager of Macromedia's Interactive Learning
products. He has been with Macromedia for over four years and a member of
many product teams including FlashT and Shockwave. Prior to Macromedia, Matt
worked in entertainment and educational multimedia.

Hillman Curtis is principal of, inc., known for its
cutting edge of motion graphic design on the Web. Among his company's
clients are: Intel, Iomega, 3com, Hewlett Packard, Ogilvy One, SonicNet,
Macromedia, Capitol Records, Lycos, WebTV, and Sun. Strategic advisor to
Razorfish.Inc, Hillman is the author of Designing FlashT Motion Graphics.

Philip Fierlinger is the founder and creative director of Turntable Media
( a digital design, development and strategic consulting
firm based in Emeryville, CA. Turntable clients include: the Beastie Boys,
Disney Televentures, Dreamworks SKG, Macromedia, Palm Computing, and Sony

Zachary Foley is the lead animator at Stan Lee Media and helped to pioneer
the company's first all-original Web animation series, featuring a cast of
all new super heros. Stan Lee is the creator of Superman, The Fantastic Four
and now five new characters for The 7th Portal, exclusively on

Amy Franceschini is a new media artist and founder of Futurefarmers, a
multimedia design company which has developed projects Weiden & Kennedy
(Nike), NEC, Autodesk, MSNBC, Dreamworks and Levi's. She co-founded the
online magazine Atlas ( In 5 years, Amy intends to be
living on an alternative, communal farm and working remotely and cultivating

Mick Herres is an expert in FlashT Actionscript and database integration; he
is responsible for the advanced technology in the Shockfusion Chat Room and
Message Boards.

David Huseby is system administrator for Shockfusion, one of the first
companies to launch a FlashT site with PHP. Dave is developing a PHP library
with FlashT to create a database-independent combination of PHP and FlashT
usable with any application.

Richard Joffray is a Web development teacher the Art Institute of Seattle
where he combines technology expertise with the eye of an artist. He has
studied graphic design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Art Center
of College and Design, and the London College of Printing and Graphic
Design. He has worked on Web site and CD-ROM design and production for
Compaq and Hiatachi.

Gregory Kennedy develops rich media applications for clients and is an
industry leader in innovating cutting-edge technology tools such as Flash.
He was instrumental in OVEN's development of the all-Flash Digital Club
Network site, which broke new ground in both Flash application and
utilization of Generator server software to create a robust, dynamic yet
fast-downloading user interface. Greg has also been involved in prototyping
rich-media presentation software and tools and working to develop "visual
browsing" at OVEN, the next-generation web architecture beyond the page
click&Mac226; model. Greg's work is well-known internationally and
he&Mac226;s been a fixture in Japan's top design magazines.

Matt Lerner is a product manager in Macromedia's Web Publishing division. In
addition to launching products and Web sites for Macromedia, Novell, and
Matt has co-produced a number of popular, offbeat, humor Web sites
including: - an online haven for sinners; -
which lets you create the gospel according to you; and - where
you anyone can run for the highest office in the land. A former chemist and
speechwriter, he hold a B.A. in Philosophy and an MA in Rhetorical Theory
and Criticism.

Kevin Lynch is Macromedia's senior vice president and general manager of Web
Publishing and has helped to pioneer the company's Web product strategy,
including the development of Dreamweaver, a highly popular professional HTML
editor. Prior to joining Macromedia, Lynch was director of General Magic's
operating system and applications teams, where he pioneered a navigational
user interface for handheld communicators.

Stewart McBride is chairman and chief creative officer of United Digital
Artists, a premier digital design and Web development training and events
company. UDA offers intensive hands-on training and certifcation to creative
professionals from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. In
addition to flashforward2000, UDA produces Edgewise, a conference showcasing
Internet design, strategy and technology; and the Milia "Zapping", a Cannes,
France, gala featuring 15 top international Web creatives.

Pat McClellan is an executive producer for The Jack Morton Company
developing multimedia programs for corporate and entertainment clients. He
is also managing editor of Director Online
<>, a free online resource for multimedia
developers. Pat writes a weekly how-to column -- "Dear Multimedia Handyman."

Kenn Navaro is lead animator for Mondo Media, creators of Thugs on Film, The
God and Devil Show and Like, News. Mondo was one of the first Web animation
studios continues to set the standard for animated entertainment on the Web.

Michael Ninness is group product manager for Web Graphics at Adobe Systems.
Formerly he was group product manager for ImagingSolutions at Extensis
Corporation and has spent ten years as a graphicdesigner, instructor, and
author He is the author of "Photoshop Power Shortcuts" and "Photoshop 5 Web
Magic" and a contributor to Design Graphics and Photoshop User magazines.

Eric Oldrin has worked at Sierra's Imagination Network, one of the world's
first online entertainment companies and Protoza, known on the Web as
dotcomix. He helped transform Mondo Media, a 3D production house to a FlashT
animation studio. At Mondo he produced the first season of The God and Devil
Show, Thugs on Film, and Like News. Now at, Eric produces
original shows like Spunky Production's "Beatless" and Joe Spark's
"Radiskull" - as well as Matt and Trey's newest creation and Stan Lee
Media's "7th Portal."

Greg Penny is a producer, songwriter and musician whose productions have
sold over 20 million albums. He has produced k.d. lang's two Grammy
award-winning albums,"Ingenue" and "Absolute Torch And Twang" as well as
Elton John's "Made In England". He has also produced albums by Cher, Rickie
Lee Jones, Eddi Reader, Paul Young, Sparks, Marc Jordan, Ryan Downe, and
more. He is "captain" of Flower Records.

Todd Purgason is creative director of Juxt Interactive, specializing in
Internet strategy and FlashT based interactive Web sites. His Web work has
been honored with 7 Macromedia "Site of the Day" awards and is featured in
both the FlashT and Freehand Gallery on Macromedia's web site. His clients
include: Macromedia, Toshiba, and Fujitsu.

Robert Reinhardt is the co-author of the "FlashT 4 Bible" and works as a
multimedia artist and educator. With a background in photographic arts and
digital media,he has developed multimedia courses for educational facilities
in Canada and the U.S. and served as technical editor for several Photoshop
and Web books. He recently completed work on the Warner Bros. feature film

Ardith Ibaņez Rigby is co-founder of Akimbo Design, a Web design studio
whose clients include Sony Pictures, D.FILM Digital Film Festival,
Macromedia, and Beringer Vineyards. Ardith has coauthored three web design
books: "HTML Web Magic," "Creating Killer Interactive Web Sites," and "HTML
Artistry: More Than Code."

Joe Sparks is the creator, animator and voice behind the grassroots
animation sensation Radiskull and Devil Doll, which has recently taken
college campuses, dot coms and goth clubs by storm. It seems no one can
resist Radiskull's endearing grumpiness or Devil Doll's charming enthusiasm,
all featured on

Ming Thompsen is a self-taught expert in rich media development. He is a
trained visual artist (he received his BFA in painting), who has been
developing Web sites and interactive media since 1994. Ming has since
produced award winning interactive CD-ROMs for Compaq Computers and highly
acclaimed Flash Web sites for OVEN such as and
Having taken initiative in the training of young designers to always design
with the user experience in mind, Ming has also been involved in many
innovative projects, including the development of Flash site architecture,
the implementation of Macromedia Generator, and the integration of Flash
with backend solutions.

Dave Titus is a "digital airbrush" artist and Generator expert whose work
appears in everything from national ad campaigns and computer magazines to
computer game packaging. Trained as an illustrator, he has degress from San
Jose State University in Graphic Design.

Josh Ulm founded ioResearch to develop original interactive content. With a
strong background in film and video production, he spent the last several
years as chief creative architect for Quokka Sports <>
as well as developing the Remedi Project. His designs have won awards from
Communication Arts, I.D. Magazine, The New Media Invision Awards. He has
taught workshops at the Computer Arts Institute in San Francisco, Lynda
Weinman's Digital Arts Center, Web99 Boston, and Macromedia UCON 99

Lynda Weinman is the founder of She has worked professionally in
design and animation for the past 18 years, and has been teaching digital
design for the past 8 years. She has taught at Art Center College of Design,
San Francisco Multimedia Studies, American Film Institute, UCLA, and at
numerous conferences and workshops throughout the world before forming her
own workshops in Ojai, California. Lynda is the author of a series of books
on web design, and writes or numerous magazines, including: MacWorld, How,
Adobe, Step-by-Step Graphics, Web Techniques, Dynamic Graphics, Animation,
Full Motion, New Media and Diem. Above all, Lynda loves to teach. She has
conducted private classes for many corporations, including MSNBC, Capital
Group, CBS, NBC, Genentech, and Apple Computers.

Eric John Wittman is currently employed as Macromedia's Senior Product
Manager for FlashT. His mission is to formulate and drive FlashT through new
product releases and strategic partnerships. Eric has over 8 years of
technical expertise relating to the multimedia and Web industries. He has
contributed to countless CD-ROM and Web based projects.

Drew Youngs is a concert performer, known for both his musical expertise and
technological skills. He first made his reputation in the film and T.V.
industry working on movies such as "Back to the Future" and television
series "Twlight Zone". A world class composer, he sculpts sound with cutting
edge technology in his Palo Alto 64-Track digital recording studio.

Natalee Zee is the interactive design director of Internet research and
development at USWeb/CKS in San Francisco. She is the co-author of two Web
Design books titled "HTML Artistry: More than Code" and "HTML Web Magic".
Prior to joining USWeb/CKS, she worked as web designer for frogdesign and
for Macromedia. Natalie helped launch, Shockzone, DHTML Zone,
and Vector Zone Web sites. Her clients includes Macromedia, Visa, Levi's,
and Apple.

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