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CalArts and the Museum of Contemporary
Art in Los Angeles present Olia Lialina and Florian Schneider,
Wednesday April 12 at 8:00 PM.

The presentation "LOCATION=YES; BORDER=0" is free to
the public and will be in the MOCA Ahmanson Auditorium,
250 South Grand Ave.

Olia Lialina and Florian Schnider will have a public
discussion about borders, domains, art and activism on
the Internet.

The dream of abolishing borders is much older than
the Internet. Nevertheless, much of the hype
surrounding the net has been based on the promise
that worldwide dissemination of new technologies will
remove all barriers between people. Instead we see even
tighter control of borders, where money and goods
flow freely, but people may not. Is there still a
chance to take the promise of the net seriously? If so,
how can we claim for all what is now permitted only to
a privileged few?

Today is being exhibited in major
museums and galleries. The tendency is to present
works in unsatisfactory conditions that
eliminate the visibility of the domain name or server
location. Domains are often the equivalent of a
signature of an on-line artist and an indicator of the
origin of the work. On-line identity depends on domain
location, and the domain name is often an integral
element in the work as a whole.

Olia Lialina is a net artist, critic and curator
from Moscow. She is currently professor of Networks
and On-line Environments at Merz Academie in Stuttgart,
Germany. Her first works on the net appeared in 1996
and immediately received international acclaim. In 1999
her site was nominated as "best art site of the year" in
the Webby Awards.

Florian Schneider is a filmmaker, writer and media
activist based in Munich. He is an organizer of the
"No one is Illegal" campaign originating at Documenta X
in 1997.

<> is a lecture series featuring net
artists, net activists and net collectives from around
the world. The series, which continues through May
2000, brings together for the first time in the United
States artists and activists known throughout the world
for their low tech and interventionist strategies of
experimental and radical cultural production,
collaboration, and critique on and off the Internet.

The series is a collaborative effort between the Cal
Arts Programs in Photography in the School of Art,
Integrated Media and MOCA.

For further information please call 661-291-3064  or
send email to
or see the website:

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