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[Nettime-bold] internet guys (demo)

"Internet Guys"
cd-rom set _Internet Guys_
(Rolux 001, Summer 2000)

written by Reed/Cale

        Through all of the phone lines and modems and mobiles
        through all of the networks and archives and streams
        Through all that's been sent over slashdot and nettime
        it's the internet statements of internet guys

        Internet guys tell internet stories
        internet guys tell internet lies
        Internet guys check mail in the morning
        internet guys check mail all night

        Their outboxes filled with a thousand new projects
        their inboxes filled with a thousand good-byes
        They're online all night in the heat of disaster
        as the e-business guys sit and strengthen their ties

        All the e-business girls of the e-business people
        wear e-business dresses and e-business hair
        While the internet guys have their eyes blazed with shadow
        of the e-business horror with the ghost millionaires

        The tiny telnet window stays open at sunset
        the shiny red dawn of the net soon must fall
        The riot occured down the street round the corner
        those internet guys hadn't been there at all

        Internet guys say the net times are over
        internet guys say the network is dead
        Internet guys are not making money
        internet guys lose their girlfriends instead

        All the internet sons of these internet people
        build internet schools with the finery of age
        With an internet pink of a wireless red keyboard
        the internet guy casts an internet heir

        The critical agent has the ultimate setup
        proceeds with a power that glows in the night
        His modem is glistening sends noways and always
        but those critical armies are nowhere in sight

        Internet guys they have so much in common
        internet guys hardly come in disguise
        Internet guys get internet bodies
        internet guys live internet lives

* all strings downtuned a whole-tone

 1d ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from e to d)
 2A ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from B to A)
 3F ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from G to F)
 4C ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from D to C)
 5G ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from A to G)
 6D ----- * downtuned a whole-tone (from E to D)

intro   {G}{G}{C}{C}

        {G/D}{Em}{Am/C}{G/      (Through all of the phone lines ...)
        {D}{D}                  (- streams)
        {G/D}{Em}{Am/C}{G/      (Through all that's been sent ...)
        {D}{D}                  (- guys)

        {G/D}{Em}{Am/C}{G/      (Internet guys tell internet ...)
        {D}{D}                  (- lies)
        {G/D}{Em}{Am/C}{G/      (Internet guys check mail in ...)
        {G}                     (- night)

harp    {G}{G}{C}{C}


harp    {G}{G}{C}{C}


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