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Tuesday March 21 2000


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ICG's latest report Montenegro: in the Shadow of the Volcano (21 March
2000) examines the prospects of a new Balkan conflict flaring in
Montenegro, Serbia's junior partner in the Federal Republic of
Yugoslavia, amidst growing fears that Yugoslav President Milosevic may
be planning to overthrow the government of reform-minded President Milo
Djukanovic, or else stoke internal conflict in the republic.
The report warns of the likelihood of Montenegro slipping towards war
unless international donors and NATO members take immediate and concrete
steps to support the Montenegrin government and deter intervention by
Belgrade. These steps should include greater economic support for the
Montenegrin government, an increased international presence in the
republic and a stronger commitment to Montenegro's security, backed by a
formal authorisation to NATO to commence military planning and the
appropriate movement of forces.

--> See http://www.crisisweb.org for the full report and the press

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