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[Nettime-bold] Fwd: Re: <nettime> shift

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>OK...But here's the sad truth about the matter:
>whatever it is that will arrive in the coming generations is not really
>worth fearing, because it will be cloaked in normalcy soon enough. And
>whatever it is that will be lost in the coming generations is not really
>worth lamenting, because shortly no one will miss it, and one may as well
>not be too precious about something doomed.

Technologies change but the imperialism song remains the same, apparently.
Sad about those Aboriginal peoples around the world who had to go, wiped out
by their technological betters.  Let's not get 'too precious', though, about
Native Americans, Aztecs, Australian Aborigines, New Guinea Highlanders
because they were doomed.  I get the bit about something being lost, but
what was it that was gained?  Run that by me again.  Was it 'normalcy'?  Ah
yes, of course.


Native Americans, Aztecs ,Australian Aborigines ,New guinea ,Highlanders
knew about the InnerSpace a lot before that we realize, there is nothing
more complex and vast than our brain,  new  technologies will help to
perform the brain/machine Symbiosis that will make us Immortals ?_?
, knowledge has given to us by our Ancestors
and for us is to be Thankful

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