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[Nettime-bold] After looking at your web page.

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23rd March 2000

PO Box 1724 Paraparaumu Beach
New Zealand
PH 04 904 1185 

Good morning,

I was looking through your website @ and I could not help but think about how your company would profit very well from the use of our services.  

We supply the most effective marketing tool available today for use in any type of business; this is bulk electronic direct mail. Never before has any company or organization been able to communicate so fast and accurately to any given group of people. Electronic mail is the method of communication of the future that is here now. Our latest technology lets us send 000's of pieces of mail to a targeted audience in seconds. 

Targeted Direct Email is the most powerful and least expensive method of both online and off-line advertising available. It works, to give your company massive instant exposure thus producing a fast response (sales). 

Vertuacom has become known as the leader in website and product promotion.  By utilizing the power of targeted direct mail we produce results for our clients that are nothing short of excellent. There is so much power in direct electronic mail, it enables you to advertise to a group of people of your choice i.e. you choose who you target market is. 

Vertuacom in no way supports the bad practice of spanning; we stand for responsible direct mail i.e. mails targeted towards a select group. Many businesses and corporations have been put off using e-mail as a marketing tool, as spanners have tarnished its image. Many irresponsible bulk mailers have sent out large amounts of mail to people whom they know nothing about. These companies have not tried to mail to those who would have any interest in their products or services, but have merely sent there mailings out blindly. Also hyped up bogus offers and pornography have given people a bad image of the direct mail industry.  
 Every piece of mail we send out is given the option of being removed from our database, as we have done in this mailing to you, at the bottom of the page see removal instructions. This is called responsible Direct mail.

Our business comprises of three parts:

1. Electronic mail address collection:

Our collection is one of the largest in the world; currently we hold over 25 million addresses.  We maintain databases of addresses that are all current and are mailer friendly. Through Vertuacom you are able to access over ten thousand different categories of addresses.  We are also able to supply you with the name of the person who owns each e-mail address, Thus making it easy to personalize mailings e.g. Dear Jan as you are in the food industry, you may very well find this... could profit your business. Addresses are categorized according to user type and in most case country e.g. Universities in Australia. Many groups of addresses can also be broken down into smaller groups e.g. the engineering departments within Universities in Australia.

Our costs are set at very competitive rates. Addresses ranges from 50 cents to 8 cents, depending on quantity and user type. Please contact us for further pricing.

2. Finding service

This is a totally unique service where we hunt down specific types of addresses required.  If we are not holding a certain category of addresses that you require we will endeavor to create a database of that particular category for you.

3. Sending service

Yes we will send mail for you. There are no limits to the quantity. Prices to send mail range from 20 cents to 8 depending on quantity. Please contact us for a quote.

Some basic facts about bulk mailing.

What is bulk emailing?
Simply stated, bulk emailing is an innovative and cost effective way to market your product and/or service on the Internet to thousands of potential customers.
When done correctly, bulk email can boost your profits and sales like you never imagined. Millions of people get on the Internet to look for specific information. It's the perfect place to send advertisements, sales letters or other useful information to potential customers.

Is bulk email profitable?
Yes. On a cost per sale basis, bulk email pulls in more orders than any other advertising method.

In dollars and cents, why is bulk email so profitable?
Compare the costs associated with the most commonly used direct advertising methods. These are:

Direct Mail 
Fax Broadcasting 
Bulk Email 

Lets say you decided to mail just 1000 sales letters to a list of prospects via these 3 methods listed above. Keep in mind that in the examples listed below we will be conservative. Most businesses test and start their campaigns at no less than 5000 advertisements.
1000 Piece Direct Mail Campaign:

A 1000 piece direct mailing will cost approximately $640. 

- Postage: $320
- Mailing List: $80
- Envelopes: $40
- Printing: $100
- Envelope Stuffing: $100

  Total Costs: $640 

The negative aspects of this is:
1. The cost
2.The-turnaround time involved can take weeks. Printing, putting in envelopes and delivery is not an immediate process.

1000 Piece Fax Broadcasting Campaign:
An average cost of what company's charge for this service is.
- Total Cost: $200
 Wasting paper can anger people.

1000 Piece E-mail Campaign:
Approximately $80
Your turnaround time varies because people read their email at different hours of the day. But the industry standard is form a few hours to 2 days. 

This is why many Corporations and businesses are turning to Targeted Bulk Electronic Mailing. Not only does bulk email cancel the long turnaround time of most traditional advertising methods, but it almost eliminates most of your advertising expenses.

Is bulk email illegal?
Currently, there are no laws against sending bulk email. Many well-known companies are profiting from bulk email right now. 

Companies viewpoints/success with direct mail.

"America Online's own product pitches, made to customers as they sign on, are phenomenally successful. They are the profit driver for the company."

*Greg Shove, V.P. of America Online
"A gold mine for those who can take advantage of bulk email programs."

*The New York Times
"Email is an incredible lead generation tool."

*Crains Magazine
"Apart from creating a web page for your company, there's another method of online advertising that has powerful potential. I'm speaking of bulk email, a method of targeting appropriate online readers by the thousands or even millions. And with a simple click of the mouse, you can send them your marketing letter instantly."

*Entrepreneur Magazine
"Blows traditional marketing away."

*Advertising Age
"It's truly arrived. Email is the killer app so far in the online world."

On balance Direct Electronic Mail is the Superior marketing tool as it produces an almost immediate response, the results are easily measurable, it is cost effective and unlike few other mediums of advertising you are able to target your audience thus keeping costs down.

I look forward to your response.

Kind Regards

Julian Angelo
Vertuacom CEO

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