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[Nettime-bold] Station Rose - special art frankfurt Fahrplan

STATION ROSE  NEWSLETTER  with art frankfurt special :

                 dear Gunafa Netizen,

here we are with these news around art, webcasting, clubbing & more:

* A- new Art Production to be seen at Art Frankfurt march 23rd - 28th
* B- Webcast 102 - with special Studio Guest Prof. Bazon Brock in da house
* C- Gunafa Clubbing at Robert Johnson club
* D- Rundgang 2000- STR in moschee® with NetSTReam "WeatherWoMan"
* E- TV-feature on all those ArtActivities on 3sat <kulturzeit>

* A-Station Rose at Art Frankfurt:
Station Rose(STR) presents new art-products at Viennese gallery Trabant:
light boxes, C- prints, books and videos. Booth @ 1.1 F20
Destillates out of the flow of multimedia-performances, webcasts and videos.

ARTKINO 24. - 27.3. STR shows the video "Station Rose Webcasting".
24.3., 17:00: Videotalk - in conversation with Station Rose, RechenZentrum.

* B- Webcast 102 with Prof.Bazon Brock in da house, at
STR in conversation with Bazon Brock march 24th 9 p.m on these topics:
Plug Ins, Recording Realtime-Yes or No, cons & pros of
conservation/archiving & more.

STR-Webcast-Info:  NEW !!  now with even more Gunafa ! The own server, a
strong partner ( Gigabell AG), as well as more power (155 Mbit) on a more
solid basis make the art-STReaming of the webcasting Station even more
beautiful. Please check out the Fahrplan, contents and themes at
Streaming a la Station Rose, started in January 1999, blends performance,
lecture (STR in conversation with guests in the studio) and multimedia jam
sessions into a unique form of Net Art.
101 webcastings have taken place so far. Main topics in the program of
Station Rose webcasts are live-sessions in realtime, where sounds and
visuals are streamed from the studio into the net.
Acoustic highlights during this session are going to be published on vinyl.
Out now: "Subversion - live@home 2", label: Gunafa, distribution: Neuton.

                       "Webcast forever - Build poetical hedges against
digital tyranny" (Geert Lovink)

* C-Gunafa Clubbing at Robert Johnson, saturday, march 25th, 10p.m.

Robert Johnson, Nordring 131, D-63067 Offenbach
Sounds and Visuals live: Gary Danner and Elisa Rose/ Station Rose.
DJ: Andreas Baumecker.

   "Gunafa Clubbing is the project which performed, at least in europe,
multimedia online clubbings for the first time", wrote Der SPIEGEL in 1999.
Gunafa Clubbing stands for a project merging technoculture, art and
performance, combined with electronic music and visuals played live in
Gunafa Clubbing was started by Station Rose in Vienna in 1990. After their
relocation to Frankfurt in 1992 the project was refined with great success
by Gary Danner and Elisa Rose at the club "XS". Gunafa Clubbing merged
multimedia art with the Internet in a clubcontext already in 1992. Due to
the great response the concept was updated from Gunafa Clubbing I  to
version II. Gunafa Clubbing stands for live interaction of electronic
sounds  with live generated digital visuals, texts, as well as camera-
shots, all projected on multiple screens. The visuals- and soundworkstation
are connected via MIDI.
Station Rose are supported by DJ Andreas Baumecker who will jam live at the
turntables along with the mutimedia jam-session.

Rose & Danner see the multimedia art of Station Rose as a new development
suceeding Techno, where the artist and musician not create music and art
separately, but create their audiovisual content synced in real-time,
performing at different locations (hi&lo: underground, clubs, museums,
galleries, avantgarde-festivals), and publish in various media.

* D- "Rundgang 2000". STR int moschee® with  NetSTReam "WeatherWoMan"

So., 26.3., 15h und 19h, moschee®, Ludwigstrasse 4, D-63067 Offenbach.
"WeatherWoMan". A file waiting to be played. infos @
on from sunday.

* E- STR on TV again- 3sat "Kulturzeit", Monday march 27th, 7:30 p.m.

----> Station Rose Info:
STR was founded in Vienna in 1988 by musician Gary Danner & artist Elisa
Rose as a public multimedia-lab. On from the beginning activities of
Station Rose spanned the spectrum of CD,- Vinyl- and CD-ROM-production,
artproduction, research on Virtual Realities to symposia, lectures,
performances in galleries, clubs and museums. STR is online since 1991, and
performs regularly on <>. "STReaming art in real-time-20
sec. STR is one of the 1st multimedia bands in the world &  played at Ars
Electronica, Transmediale, Viper, Museum Ludwig, Cyberthon, XS &
Ultraschall, le Batofar, Museumsquartier, the Museum of Applied Arts in
Vienna, to name a few.
Main publications: "Virtuelle Realitaet als Neuer Grenzbereich-Research for
the Austrian Ministry for Science and Research" CD ROM 1992; "15 Years of
Ars Electronica" CD ROM 1994; "1st Decade - Das Buch" edition selene 1998;
"Playing Now" Audio CD 1999. Gunafa Label releases : gun05, gun06,  gun007.

 The actual "STReaming_Gunafa_Schedule" & the live-dates  can be found at
 --> next Webcast 103: 30.3.00
                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

stay with us
             station rose   22-3-2000

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