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[Nettime-bold] Oslo Presence

Atelier Nord -medielab and artserver in Oslo; Norway, will Saturday 25th
and Sunday 26th stage a presentation of, net.activities and
activism in the cultural field. Works are being presented by artists and
producers from Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Germany, spain
and the Netherlands. Projects
and participants include:

Udo Noll<http//>, John Hopkins
<>, Jaanis Garancs>>,
Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits<> Heath
Bunting<>, Rachel
Baker<>, Nils
Claesson<>, Goran
Boardy<>, Thomax
G<>, Eric
Kluitenberg, Nomade & Gediminas Urbonas, Carl Biorsmark & Kristine
, Daniel García Andújar<
 Karin Hansson <>

The weekend will be followed by a workshop.

Presentations will start at noon every day. The public will have access
to computers connected to the net.  Further information and a full
programme will be available at

Further information:

Kristin Bergaust  - Artist 
Daglig leder/ director Atelier Nord,,
Nedregt 8, N-0551 Oslo NORWAY
Tel +47 22704990  Cellphone+47 93401310

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