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[Nettime-bold] (en) anti-IMF/WB: Prague 2000 INPEG - Call For Help

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>  Subject: anti-IMF/WB: Prague 2000 INPEG - Call For Help
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>  >Subject: INPEG Prague 2000 - Call For Help
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>  From: zemepredevsim@ecn.cz
>  Subject: Fw: INPEG Prague 2000 - Call For Help
>  Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 10:34:28 +0100
>  Please spread this call worldwide
>  Initiative Against Economic Globalization - Prague 2000
>  Join the campaign against IMF/WB summit in Prague, September 25. $F6 28.,
>  We need your support for the continuing struggle for global justice!!!
>  Some 20,000 representatives of global capital (world bankers, economists 
>  and financiers) are expected to come to Prague in September to attend the

>  55th annual summit of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank 
>  Group. This prestigious meeting of the world economic elite, the first of

>  its kind in the Central and Eastern Europe, will definitely be of a great

>  importance. The delegates will meet to propose a scheme of further 
>  liberalization of the world economy by defining new loan priorities and 
>  structural adjustment conditions.
>  The events in Seattle at the WTO meeting last November showed that a huge

>  wave of global resistance is rising against the expanding power of global

>  capital. The IMF/WB summit in Prague will be our next big opportunity to 
>  express our demands for global justice.
>  The Initiative Against Economic Globalization (INPEG) is a loose
>  of various Czech environmental, human rights and autonomist/anarchist 
>  groups, organizations and individuals who are ready to stand up
>  against the summit of the world financial oligarchy. INPEG has been
>  regularly in Prague since last summer. It has planned a series of
>  that will culminate in ten days of activities starting on September 20. 
>  Non-violent demonstrations, info campaigns, and the Festival of Art and 
>  Resistance includinga counter-summit will be the main resistance
>  in the mentioned period.
>  We will be exposing the links between the IMF/WB, the WTO and
>  corporations and the ways how they work to maximize private profits and 
>  limit the power of people to protect the environment, determine their 
>  economic destiny, and safeguard their human rights. They are also
>  responsible for the third world debt. Even their debt relief policy 
>  continues under the harsh conditions of the IMF Structural Adjustment 
>  Programmes, and thus makes just one step forward and two steps backward. 
>  Our goal is to give the proper name to what the policies of the IMF/WB 
>  really cause in the South as well as in the Central and Eastern Europe.
>  will be demanding an immediate suspension of these practices leading to 
>  environmental destruction, growing social inequality and poverty and 
>  curtailing of people$E2s rights. We will be demonstrating our solidarity
>  the global resistance movement.
>  Your support is needed, indeed!!!
>  The support, both moral and material, for the September actions in
>  should come from all around the world. Of course, financial contribution
>  crucial, especially in the CE Europe, where financial sources as well as 
>  the movement itself are not so developed as was for example the case with

>  Seattle. That is why we are issuing this urgent appeal. Let us know if
>  can help us in our common struggle.
>  Please tell us whether you are planning to or campaigning already against

>  the Prague IMF/WB summit.
>  Can you bring any people to Prague? How many?
>  Can you organize workshops or bring own materials to spread in Prague?
>  Can you bring mobile sound systems and other stuff useful for street
>  Can you contact street artists, music bands, etc. to come to Prague to
>  art/activism festival?
>  Can you contact renowned personalities either to take part in the 
>  counter-summit or to publicly express support?
>  Are you planning to organize any other activities related to our
>  Are you planning to run a parallel campaign in your country?
>  Can you propagate the anti-IMF/WB activities in Prague in both
>  and mainstream media?
>  Financial contribution is the crucial thing!!! Please donate as much as
>  can for success in September.
>  Can you pay for specific services (e.g. communications equipment,
>  etc.)?
>  Can you a contribute a direct donation?
>  Can you organize benefit concerts, techno parties, collections or 
>  fundraising for the Prague campaign?
>  We can offer accommodation for almost no money in Prague.
>  If you want more information on the counter-summit or other actions in 
>  Prague, accommodation facilities or on INPEG and the Czech resistance 
>  movement, visit our webpages on http://imf2000.webjump.com or contact us
>  our email: Prague2000_cz@hotmail.com.
>  Please contribute financial donations on this account:
>  IPB
>  Cs.Armady 35
>  160 00, Prague 6
>  Czech Republic, Europe
>  account number: 163 775 396/5100
>  swift code: INBACZPP
>  Global solidarity against global capital !!!
>  Initiative Against Economic Globalization $F6 Prague 2000
>  Prague2000_cz@hotmail.com
>  ******************************************************************
>  Zeme predevsim! - (Earth First! Prague)
>  PO BOX 237
>  160 41 Praha 6
>  E-mail: zemepredevsim@ecn.cz
>  http://www.ecn.cz/zemepredevsim
>  *****************************************************************

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