Teddy Bytown on Wed, 15 Mar 2000 13:22:23 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] a family affair

Look now, hoooo, what a mess you made really! some come delivered with the 
stamp of "coward" (oh oh!) others in digestive pack of dirty laundry dozens 
and the worst sent with  the mark of "ted byfield" i.e. forever deemed as 
completely indigestible : imagine the poor guy, his IP is not even quoted!  
Fortunately I am here to put all right things in their right place as this 
is our duty. And in place we shall put back. First, as I am the king I have 
to endure the worst: so
scotty change my <nettime> alias to ted byfield, yes I am courageous, and 
second, just hatch together a pack of dozens of <nettimeclubber> as 
"unavoidable boring things in bulk". Last - for all the wild others - 
well,.. don't change anything Scotty, leave them to their own name, even if 
it is a pitiful avatar (like le monde diplomatique) following the ancient 
adage: "happy the village idiots because the global village belongs to 
them"... and I am sure that for byfield you can find something... his IP at 
least. So, traceroute him back to geert knows where!
So long, for now, Scotty and may your long wet tongue hang in painstaking 
studiousity over your half done work, you have a long way to go to grab the 
coveted button on my digitized mink stole.

Thusly spoke Us, non moderator of the non moderated <nettime>,
Teddy Bytown buffoon of the cowards and king of all non kings.

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