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[Nettime-bold] NERVE THEORY IN NY

NERVE THEORY:  "Shades of Catatonia"

Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman perform live in Syracuse, Troy, and
New York, New York...

March 25th         Syracuse University, School of Art and Design,
Saturday 3pm       workshop/performance, Shemin Auditorium,
                   Shaffer Art Building, Syracuse, New York,
                   for information contact: 315-443-1033

March 29th         Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dept. of the Arts,
Wednesday 8pm      School of Architecture, Green Gallery, Troy, New York,
                   contact: 518-276-4829

April 1st          Void (in Soho), 16 Mercer Street (at Howard Street),
Saturday 8-10pm    New York, New York, contact: 212-941-6492  


Nerve Theory's "Shades of Catatonia" is a scorching critique of today's
24X7 commercial culture, the culture of utility and convenience where
audiences are manipulated and assaulted by a tidal wave of psychological
warfare waged by advertisers, broadcasters, studios, telecoms, governments
and schools.  Nerve Theory reveals the trauma and in its unique 'news
music' offers strategies for recovering minds incapacitated by command

Loibner and Sherman have been dealing with the psychology of alienated,
dislocated individuals in their collaborative voice/music works since
1993.  Bernhard Loibner is a composer, musician and sound freak based in
Vienna, Austria.  Tom Sherman, based in Syracuse, NY, where he teaches
media production and theory courses at Syracuse University, specializes in
improvisational monologues for radio and live performance.  Loibner and
Sherman formed Nerve Theory in 1998.

For further information on Nerve Theory, Loibner and Sherman,
check out:

The on-line version of Bernhard Loibner's latest CD, "Theory Music"
is available at:


Thanks to the Austria Cultural Institute, New York, for its support of
these performances.

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