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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> each to his own (from host

nettime's anonymous coward writes:

> Hohohohohoho it is very strange how you seem to fear the bites of a
> pack of cub scouts. So Us, Teddy Bytown, specially dirty today and
> also much in odour of sanctity, we order you, commie scotartt a la
> Barbrook that you are, to speak only on behalf of the <nettime>
> NetJunta that you belong to and that is all. Your denial would be a
> simple denegation of your slavery, so suffer my justice in silence,
> please, or I shall set loose my ted or my geert or both according to
> my royal mood. And on the list of my good democratic own choice,
> too.

Moderators, would you mind filtering out this sort of crap? I thought
this was what the unfiltered version of this list (whatever it's
called) was created for.

Seriously. Read the quoted paragraph again. Does this *possibly* have
any interest to the world outside nettime? Consider the person who
just subscribed and gets this in their first batch of postings. What
does it mean to them? Shouldn't you be striving to be informative to
this person, not just internal-list-politics nerds?

Thanks for your consideration.

P.S. I don't recall seeing the phrase ``nettime's anonymous coward''
before. Could you try not to use Slashdotisms? The ridiculous thing
is, it's so apropos here it's not even funny... if you get my drift.

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