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In 3600 B.C., scotartt wrote (showing how the speed of one's connection does 
not alter one's prehistorical manners... but time is nothing for me) :

>Disclaimer; I am NOT speaking on behalf of the moderation team.
>This email is a personal viewpoint only.

Hohohohohoho it is very strange how you seem to fear the bites of a  pack of 
cub scouts. So Us, Teddy Bytown, specially dirty today and  also much in 
odour of sanctity, we order you, commie scotartt a la Barbrook that you are, 
to speak only on behalf of the <nettime>  NetJunta that you belong to and 
that is all. Your denial would be a simple denegation of your slavery, so 
suffer my justice in silence, please, or I shall set loose my ted or my 
geert or both according
to my royal mood. And on the list of my good democratic own choice, too.

bold moderator, bold owner, bold kaiser (remain sitted),
Teddy Bytown

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