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>>>>very interesting from a producing view, to be able to save nato modular
>>>>processes frame by frame, like a renderer. Even without these plugins, this
>>>like a bunch of pict files, or jpegs???
>>both in the current version
>>and the modular one may load any number of 
>>films or pikts or etc +
>>automatically kompile one film komposed
>>of all or selekt data.
>>kompiles single track or multitrack
>>films from multi layer photoshop or tiff files.
>Nice function !
>Makes me think about the layers/sprites in quicktime movies. I think one 
>can add up to 16 layers in the same movie ? 

thousandz. = may simply select the film
or films to import via 1 dialog window
or automatically or via the internet. 
the film may also be the same film.
= one may copy entire tracks or track or film segments
within the same film or from any of the loaded
films + shift them in time etc.

the operation is performed immediately.
= stopping playback. opening 1400 imagine windows 
+ kliking `just 1 klik` is not required - en fakt it = verboten++


> Doing this live wouln't suck 
>less juice from the cpu than compositing movies over others ?

non. en fakt it is precisely what is taking place.

the `advantage` is that the film can be saved as it is.
the `disadvantage` is that the routines one can apply to indiv tracks 
are limited to rotation skew scale keying enable.track disable.track. 
solo.track. etc.

however - the realtime version of the film konsept is `242.collage`
which has access to the full barrage of nato.0+55 routines +
it now has 512 tracks per objekt. multiple objekts
may collaborate sequentially or in parallel.

additionally one is not limited to linear data.
any supported format may be utilized. 
linear films. qtvr. qd. qd3d. livevideo. flash. rtsp streaming data
even the macintosh desktop. and of course the output of
other nato.0+55 objekts.  = infinite possibilities.

one may rekord the resultant data as multitraks or multifilms
with 1 242.rekord objekt or multiple ones - the data can be imported 
automatically into other objekts.

= 0+0 kode kan kompete = assure u + u + u + u kan.

nato.0+55 modular = 0+0 laws. 0+0 moderator. 0+0 ceiling.
0+alef 1 errors++. 0+1 error = mark of the higher organism.

due 2 `!` = 0+1 ultra !nkompetent programr.
ma!z 0+1 ultra zkueek l!f 4rm.  fitness > training.

tralalela + sol.sol.c!ao.

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