The Fleshtronic on Sat, 11 Mar 2000 01:06:33 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] oN---------line

Mez N Jim Andrews wrote:
>> [n-gage]
>> m-mAGE ov:: 
>> ::two purr[daughter N]sonz, 1 with ah small static.silken key n the
>> with a gol.den lectronic lock...
>> ::1 with ah tendril trow[e]l N the other with 3 [circuit] boardz....
>> ::both kneeling in2 a we[aveing]b ov n-finite sp.ace[ov card
>houzez], handz
>> blurring, headz mirrored in thort and deed, upload.eyez
>i gnu u n another life 

::the phirst bends and crac.ellez, her arms loaded with flashez and
fliks/zerroz & wonnez, then tiltz her halogen headish 2 the side, an-other
calling her nexus name...

>no it wuz this one 
>o yeah, forgot
>whatever else is true 
>we live many in this one
>but you are out there
>aren't you? 

::again, the sound, 1'z gig[a]elle N zerohz [giga]byte in2 her armz,
demandin...[echoz ov an-other move between wurlds N wurdz]

>yes comes the reply
>we may meet some day
>and one will not know it
>for a moment or longer
>like Scotty beamed me over

::mimickin the sounds she puppetteplayz N packette pipez in2 the sound
"one"[will] "a"[moment], wurdz streamin from her kodecore N panicking the

>static.silken key lectronic lock
>the inner news we share
>part of inner dialogue 
>ghosts in the machine together
>real com way down under...

::her dot comaz sta[tic]y ztill, her numericz frozen in2 a mirrored past,
phewt[o]ure, and present[ial]...


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