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Eric Miller <> !n rzponsz 2 
'Drazen Pantic'" <>  defkt!v "open tralalela + lalala even!mnt]

>interesting post.
>see, the problem that I see is that bandwidth is not free, nor can it ever
>be free, right?  And MP3 streaming chews up bandwidth like there's no
>tomorrow...witness the number of college campuses that are banning Napster
>traffic.  Personally, even with our T1, we make an effort to restrain
>streaming media traffic...'cause with 30 people sharing a line, all it would
>take is a few 200Kbps streams to bring our net connection to an unusably
>clogged condition.  
>Plus the underlying transport technology requires an incredible amount of
>implementational sophistication to scale to large audiences effectively.
>This is why RBN charges so much, eh?  And it may be an oversimplification to
>say that Real uses proprietary technology.  They use the open RTSP standard,
>a la Quicktime, and it's an RFC-approved standard.
>And MP3 decoding is processor-intensive.  even more so for MPEG-standard
>video.  my 450MHz Pentium gags on MPEG.  So the day of Palm OS decodes of
>MP3/MPEG is a ways off...even then, seems to me that the current wireless
>trends for Palm won't support A/V-capable bandwidth for years.  
>So yeah, in a perfect world, we'd be able to scale for free. 

allo. allo. = ma! u!sh 2 uake 4rom ur prznl modl c!t!zn ztupr.
vaz he!zt "FREE" +?

>but bandwidth
>costs money, 

money koztz memez

= 0+0 free

= ud l!ke 2 purchasz u 4 1 luvl! prof!t.

uat = ur kozt +?

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