Station Rose on Fri, 10 Mar 2000 14:11:12 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] STR- Newsletter 03/00_WEBCAST Fahrplan


A) Webcast #99 with Studio Guest Tom Noeding/tresurbain
B) special "Webcast 100" Anniversary-Edition

Dear Gunafa Netizen,

A) tonite, FRI/10.3.00, 9pm CET, at
Webcast #99: STATION ROSE in conversation with Tom Noeding/TRESURBAIN :
     After a short pause with(out) studio guests, we are right back with a
new conversation.
Our guest will be Tom Noeding, the initiator of the Frankfurt based egroup
He started the project in november 97. The group has 300 members in the
meanwhile, and deals with  Frankfurt. A lot of party announcements happen
here, but sometimes conversation, too.
If this comes in, it very rapidly gets aggressive- a behavior we never
observed in the electric minds  community.
So we wonder if this aggression has to do with Frankfurt & its
turbocapitalism, eurobank, deutsche bank, fusionitis & all that. The
avantgarde scene is surrounded by bankers & advertisers in the city of the
euro. Come in & find out what we shall scan together in this conversation.


         "Webcast forever - Build poetical hedges against digital tyranny"
(Geert Lovink)

We cant believe it ourselves, but this is < Reality in Cyberspace> :
"Webcast 100" will happen next week ; THU/16.3.00, 9pm CET, at

As you maybe know, we have started during the exhibition crossLinks in
Berlin in january99. And now, not much than a year later, we shall arrive
at 100. A lot has happened in realtime - 20sec during all those sessions.
Quite a few studioguests were here, multimedia jam sessions happened.

We shall come up with a Special Remix-Sendung.

stay with us & dont go away!
             STR  03-2000

                                           "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"
STR is one of the 1st multimedia bands in the world;  online since 91,
doing netart since 1992. The actual "STReaming_Gunafa_Schedule" & the
can be found at STR played at Ars Electronica,
Transmediale, Viper, Museum Ludwig, Cyberthon, XS & Ultraschall, le
Batofar, the Museum of Applied Arts in
Vienna to name a few.

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