The Fleshtronic on Fri, 10 Mar 2000 02:46:05 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: [verve] spacez

At 08:05 AM 10/03/00 +1000, you wrote:
>Is your experience of cyber space changing the way you relate to and
conceptualise material space?

a[h!] chinese box with-n a[h] codec box with-iN a[h!] kodex box....

i sit @ mi mezchine and pok n textprod the screen, while birds sing and
codez khime along...

mi source Kode getz re-wrightten, i sleep n eat and source N type and
ab.sorb[ic - orange jooze N toast meatz my email n-deavourin; garlic prawns
and wine reside with talk n torque; voicemail N mezzagez N my pardner's
smooth body tendrill-touch[e] the o.ther[e].....]

mi wurdz blend, my text taps dance, my blood re.acts n hearz the sounds of
the spaces real and flesh m-patient...

mi breath steamz, my fingerz itch n glide, my tronics melt and cum inside
my shell....

mi other dopplez, my gangerz stretch, mi dopplegangs N gongz....

[n-sert: a seamlezz split; a[h] cord that plugz in2 my spine; a gap that
echos life n /nick life]

[n-sert: a[h] playful pen; a clacking board n gigglez; a hair flik n sore
finger paddz]

[n-sert: ah dog panting; a recording ov a dog panting; a animation of the
sound of a dog panting]

codic boxez meetin monitor boxez meetin cortex [purr.ception]
boxez....fingertipping gamez N slow smooth arching sonicz....



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