Livingstone for London" (by way of richard barbrook) on Wed, 8 Mar 2000 23:19:06 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Ken to stand as Independent

6 March 2000


The London election on 4 May will now be a referendum on whether London's
first elected mayor will bring self-government to the capital, or merely be
a fagade with all real decisions taken centrally.

Democracy and local self-government will be meaningless if candidates and
policy are imposed centrally, riding roughshod over the views of the people
of London. But that is what is taking place.

A new standard in ballot rigging was set in the selection of Labour
candidate for mayor. Frank Dobson wins with 24,000 votes and I lose with
74,000 votes, three times more than Frank.

On public transport, the government says it will impose a policy - breaking
up and part privatising the tube - rejected as unsafe and inefficient by
most Londoners.

It would have been in the best interests of London and democracy in the
country if those making decisions in the Labour Party had listened to London
on these issues. By the end of last week it was clear that they would not do

Disraeli once said: 'Damn your principles. Stick to your party.' I do not
agree with him. I have been forced to choose between the party I love and
upholding the democratic rights of Londoners.

I have concluded that the defence of the principle of London's right to
govern itself requires that I stand as an independent candidate for London


This is an announcement from Ken Livingstone's campaign
to be mayor of London. For more information and the
news archive, see

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