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> from my point of vantage, language occurs in the
> brainspace, as a brainwave, simultaneous to the
> conscious thought "i exist, therefore"... really,
> i wished Descartes would have been existential:
> "I doubt, therefore I think"... even prior to any
> negation, the `constellation' of brainwaves, via
> an MRI machine, show a representation of patterns
> of electrochemical reactions in the brain, as the
> brain processes (thinks) information... it could
> be the self-consciousness of an introvert, or the
> audiovisual "language" of an extrovert `speaking',
> saying things-as-they-are in an electrical age...

`!` = feel dzere4 `!` = 0+1 konglomerat

zent!mnt = !dea konta!nr
h!drol!sz!z + releasz ov nukleot!dz
travel!ng uear thought + male fasc!zm != kan

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