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an online forum presented by the Institute of International Visual Arts
(inIVA), London, and the X Art Foundation, New York

13 March - 23 May 2000


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This forum explores the rise of networks and markets as organising
principles of global societies, and the new forms of identification that
they bring. It explores how these forms intersect with the field of
artistic endeavour, suggesting new possibilities for cultural and
critical intervention. 

Involving participation from both cultural and business communities,
Networks and Markets will take a fresh look at consumerism and explore
emerging global market ideologies in a serious and critical way. Well
aware of what Manthia Diawara describes as the declining importance of
history in the face of these market ideologies, as well as their
de-localising effects, it will stress the importance of histories and
localities in all their varied instantiations - while engaging
participation from communities and regions that are underrepresented in
net discussions.


JORDAN CRANDALL, artist and media theorist, founding editor of Blast and
director of the X Art Foundation, New York.


BRIAN HOLMES, cultural critic, translator, and member of the activist
art group Ne Pas Plier in Paris. 

MARK LEONARD, director of The Foreign Policy Centre in London.

STEVE OUDITT, artist, lecturer at the Caribbean School of Architecture
in Kingston, Jamaica and Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena in
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

GILANE TAWADROS, director of the Institute of International Visual Arts
(inIVA) in London.

*Invited Guests*

~8 - 14 March~
MARIA FERNANDEZ, art historian who focuses on the intersection of Latin
American art, postcolonial theory, and electronic media theory.  
FRANK POPPER, art historian, author of _Art of the Electronic Age_ . 

~15 - 21 March~
OLADELE BAMGBOYE, artist with interests in the aesthetic, ethical and
philosophical relationship between the transcultured object and its
digital copy within contemporary art.

~22 - 28 March~
ARLENE GOLDBARD, writer and consultant to cultural organisations,
specialising in independent media and community-based groups.

~29 March - 4 April~
TIZIANA TERRANOVA, lecturer on digital media in the Department of
Cultural Studies at the University of East London, with interests in
digital economy, cybernetic control, technoevolutionism, and Internet

~5 - 11 April~
JERRY EVERARD, senior policy analyst and Information Warfare Adviser to
the Australian Department of Defence, author of _Virtual States: The
Internet and the Boundaries of the Nation State_.

~12 - 18 April~
DAVID GELERNTER, professor of computer science at Yale working on
parallel programming, artificial intelligence and information

~19 - 25 April~
SASKIA SASSEN, Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago,
author of works on urbanism and the global economy including
_Globalization and Its Discontents: Essays on the New Mobility of People
and Money_.

~26 April - 2 May~
MANTHIA DIAWARA, Professor of Africana Studies at New York University,
looking at the ways in which Black cultural forms produced in
"modernity" pre-figured much of what now gets called "post-modern."

~3 - 9 May~
DAVID WHITTAKER, founding partner of Ascendant Partners Ltd. and
involved in several Internet start-ups, with an interest in art,
interactive technology, and business. 

~10 - 16 May~
TIM JORDAN, lecturer in Sociology at the Open University, emphasis on
new social movements and online culture, author of _Cyberpower: The
Culture and Politics of Cyberspace and the Internet_. 

~17 - 23  May~
RAVI SUNDARAM, Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Developing
Societies in Delhi and the Joint Director of the Sarai, the New Media


The Institute of International Visual Arts (, based
in London, is an organisation at the forefront of developments in
contemporary visual art, new technologies and cultural diversity.  The
X-Art Foundation (, based in New York, furthers
critical work on technology and culture, primarily through the online
forums of Blast.

For further information, please contact Jordan Crandall at

A book version of Networks and Markets will be published.


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