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[Nettime-bold] Neighborhoods Online Forum - Join Now

Please help build the "bubble up" public Internet by passing this on 
to those you know are interested in very local community use of 
the Internet.  - Steven Clift

      Neighborhoods Online Forum -
    From Democracies Online -

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   Opening Late March 2000 with 100th Subscriber 

DO-NO is an international e-mail list for information exchange 
among those using the Internet as a tool to improve their 
neighborhoods and other small geographic communities.   

This peer-to-peer forum encourages neighborhood volunteers, 
leaders, and others to share advice, experiences, technical 
tips, and big ideas. This includes discussions on the use of 
online tools (e-mail lists, web sites, etc.) to:     

    - Build a sense of local community 
    - Break down social isolation in geographic communities 
      (virtual introductions leading to enhanced community life)
    - Increase citizen participation in both in-person and
      virtual community affairs
    - Promote efforts that encourage Internet public access for 
      everyone within a very local area

This is NOT a general discussion list about neighborhood issues in 
general, for that try <>.

To SUBSCRIBE, send a blank e-mail message to: 

To read past posts or join the 1000 person moderated Democracies 
Online Newswire, visit <>.

Who should I invite to join us?

Please help spread the word about the Neighborhoods Online Forum 
by forwarding this message.  Those involved with neighborhood 
associations and other small geographic communities such as 
block clubs, apartment associations, business districts, lake 
communities, and other unincorporated areas are encouraged to 
participate in this forum.  Those active with local government 
online efforts, particularly small towns and villages, are 
welcome as are those active with online commercial efforts such 
as small local media outlets or those developing online tools 
for local communities.  

Neighborhoods Online RULES:  

1.  All posts must be signed with your real name, e-mail 
address, and city/state/country of residence.   

2.  It is recommended that no one post more than twice a day.  
Three posts per person in one day is the absolute limit.  

The list manager, Zach Korb <>, reserves 
the right to deal with problems as they arise and add or change 
the rules upon informal consultation with the forum to further 
the mission and purpose of this information exchange space.

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