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Re: [Nettime-bold] ANEM's weekly report: Feb 26-March 3 2000

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>Subject: ANEM's weekly report: Feb 26-March 3 2000
>FEBRUARY 26, -MARCH 3, 2000.
>BELGRADE, February 26, 2000 -- The usurping management of the Public Radio
>Broadcast Company Radio B92, which seized this company illegally from its
>owners, the employees, on April 2, 1999, following a ruling by the
>Belgrade Commercial Court, has begun television test transmissions in the
>Belgrade area on UHF Channel 33.
>BELGRADE, February 26, 2000 -- Belgrade daily Vecernje novosti was today
>fined 180,000 dinars, about 9,000 Deutschmarks, by City Magistrate
>Slobodan Tirnanic. The daily was convicted of breaching the Public
>Information Act in an article published on January 31 which claimed that a
>young man had drowned in the Drina River after his boat had capsized
>because it was overloaded with smuggled goods. The charges were brought by
>the father of the drowned man. Novosti's information had been drawn from
>an official report by state bodies which alleged that the tragedy had
>occurred while a Yugoslav Army patrol boat was pursuing the other boat
>with two people aboard. The same report stated that the survivor was
>subsequently charged with smuggling. Thus this new fine is part of the
>ongoing campaign against Novosti and Vecernje novosti. Novosti has been
>convicted twice in three days under the notorious Public Information Act.
>The fines totalled 470,000 dinars. The daily reported that both f! ! ines
>had already been paid.
>CACAK, February 26, 2000 -- The former director of ANEM member station
>Cacak RTV has claimed that political motives could have been behind his
>dismissal in mid-February. Stojan Markovic was officially dismissed that
>he had been absent from his duties without leave for 22 days up to the end
>of last year. In an interview for Novosti, Markovic expressed suspicion
>that the dismissal resulted from a conflict between Cacak Mayor Velimir
>Ilic and TV Cacak editors, who were not will to adjust their programming
>to the mayor's views. Markovic, a member of the Democratic party, also
>speculated that his support for Slobodan Vuksanovic in his bid to wrest
>the party leadership from Zoran Djindjic could be a motive for his
>sacking. He added that the affair would have dire consequences for the
>opposition coalition which holds local government power in Cacak. Markovic
>has been replaced as director by Zoran Micovic, formerly the company's
>financial manager.
>BELGRADE, February 26, 2000 -- Yugoslav Left spokesman and Federal
>Telecommunications Minister Ivan Markovic today launched another virulent
>verbal attack on his political opponents. Again Markovic acted illegally,
>disseminating lies about the opposition. State daily Politika quoted
>Markovic as saying that the state should react rapidly and more
>efficiently against organisations such as TV Pancevo, Studio B, ANEM and
>Vecernje novosti, which had breached the law. By making unsubstantiated in
>the Politika article that the media beyond his control were operating
>illegally (apparently anything not under the direct control of Markovic's
>party is illegal) and that Belgrade was "governed by the CIA", Markovic
>again demonstrated the intention of the regime coalition to go to any
>lengths in confrontation with the opposition, the independent media and
>all sectors of the civil society in Serbia. The only new item in the JUL
>representative's statement was the Vecernje novosti, a daily whi! ! ch was
>once considered state-controlled, was labelled as "treacherous". In recent
>days Novosti has been subjected to intense pressure and exorbitant fines,
>leading to fears that the paper will soon be burdened with similar
>problems to those of Danas and Glas javnosti, both of which have been
>targetted by the regime in recent months with the intention of financially
>destroying these independent publications.
>BELGRADE, February 26, 2000 -- Studio B Television has restored
>transmissions to central Serbia with the installation of a new repeater
>station on Mount Kosmaj, the station's director, Dragan Kojadinovic, said
>today.  Studio B's repeater equipment was stolen from Mount Kosmaj forty
>days ago, limiting the station's coverage to the Belgrade area.
>Kojadinovic said today that the new repeater restored the stations signal
>to two million viewers and that the Studio B program was also available to
>another 1.5 million potential new viewers through local television
>stations which rebroadcast Studio B programs locally.
>SABAC, February 26, 2000 -- Radio Sabac Editor-in-Chief Ogolik Peric has
>officially introduced censorship of current affairs programs on this radio
>station. A memorandum written by Peric to the editor of the station's main
>news program has come to light. It reads: "Vera, pay attention to the
>report from the Serbian Renewal Movement press conference. Mute the sound,
>particularly those statements which criticise state bodies or local
>Federal MP Zivko Topalovic said today "One thing is certain - they can't
>hide the truth from the people.  Anyway, precisely because of this kind of
>editorial policy almost no one respects or listens to Radio Sabac, which
>was once the leading

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