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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> NOTHING WORSE

'I' dream of growth. Upwards and outwards and sidewards and inwards. 'I'
wish to grow. 'I' imagine growing alongside you. Let us unfold together.
Unless we can all reach deep into each other, 'I' am only 'I'  - fractured
solitary incomplete.

We long to be different - to explore, react, and feel a very personal
expansion, satisfaction. But as 'I' it is always incomplete, unsatisfied. To
really grow and be different we must be the same. To unfold and grow we must
be fluid enough to recognise the moment of change. Still enough to feel a
breath. Agile enough to travel fast and safely. Sensitive enough to feel
each other's pain.

We must melt into each other and expand.

'I' want to be different - but not different from you. 'I'  want me and you
and you and you and you to grow big enough for us all to no longer need to
be different to each other. But different to now.

'I' want to be different. 'I' want to be you.

'I'  am nothing. Enfold me. Make me us.

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