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[Nettime-bold] REALLY WIRED

March 1, 2000
Contact Leah Broder  415 626 5416 or nla_arts


REALLY WIRED: "Information Mapping at" with Alex Galloway

Tuesday, March 14  8 pm
Tickets: $5 General, $3 Langton members, students, seniors
New Langton Arts  1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco

San Francisco - On Tuesday, March 14 at 8 pm, "Information Mapping at" kicks off Langton's REALLY WIRED, an ongoing series of public
forums that addresses the matrix of art and new technologies. Audience
members can pump themselves up with coffee and donuts while artist Alex
Galloway discusses two of his interface art projects, "Starrynight" and
"Spiral," both of which creatively map the information in the Rhizome
archive at Tickets are $5 general admission, $3
Langton members, students, and seniors. New Langton Arts is located at 1246
Folsom in San Francisco. For information and reservations call 415 626 5416.

Alex Galloway's "Starrynight" and "Spiral" appear as part of "Rhizome
Remix," an artist's series designed to creatively map the information in
the Rhizome online archive. is a non-profit organization and
online magazine dedicated to fostering communication and community in the
field of new media art. Located at, the Rhizome
Artbase is an online archive of Internet art projects while the Rhizome
Contentbase archives related texts, such as articles, interviews, and
conversations. Together they function as a comprehensive resource for
information and critical writing about what's going on at the intersection
of emerging technology and contemporary art. The "Starrynight" browser
window is just that - a sky filled with stars, each representing an entry
in the Contentbase. The user clicks on a star and triggers a pop-up menu of
keywords that appear in the text entry. The user then chooses a keyword and
a constellation linking all of the stars with that word appears to help
guide him or her through the Contentbase by related texts. In this way,
navigating Rhizome's new media art archive becomes an aesthetic, engaging
experience unto itself - a new media art project in its own right.

ALEX GALLOWAY is editor of, a leading platform for new media
art. He has written on theoretical issues surrounding digital technologies
and is editing the forthcoming book "RHIZOME: Net, Art, Culture." Galloway
lectures on new media art both in the US and around Europe. On March 15 he
will participate in the "Art, Technology, and Culture Colloquium" at UC

Langton's REALLY WIRED series brings professionals from a variety of
disciplines together to discuss art in our digital age. The program will
don a few different hats; three types of events will create a balanced
program and offer audiences different types of engagement with the
speakers. In the first, represented by "Information mapping at", Langton will invite prominent artists, researchers, designers
and theorists to give lectures or presentations that explore the
relationship between artists, audiences and technologies. The second REALLY
WIRED format is an informal gathering to foster conversation. Another
REALLY WIRED will take the form of an artist talk. The artist featured in
Langton's Internet exhibition program NetWork will present his or her work
and discuss the artistic issues being addressed.

* * *

New Langton Arts is funded in part by Association Franšaise d'Action
Artistique, Banana Republic
BankAmerica Foundation, Lewis Butler, Penny and James Coulter, Cultural
Equity Grants Program of the San Francisco Arts Commission, Cultural
Services of the French Embassy, eBay Great Collections , Etant donnÚs,
Penny Perlmutter Fernandez, Simon Frankel, Joseph Furlong III, Grants for
the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, The William and Flora Hewlett
Foundation, Jeanne Meyers, The National Endowment for the Arts Creation &
Presentation Programs, Potrero Nuevo Fund, Robert Harshorn Shimshak, Marcia
Tanner and Winsor Soule, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts,
Susan and Richard Swig Watkins, the board of directors and members of New
Langton Arts.

- end -

For more information contact Leah Broder at 415 626 5416.
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New Langton Arts
1246 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
415.626.5416 ph
415.255.1453 fx
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