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[Nettime-bold] <nettime> Algorithmical police and extermination camp

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fellows!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be corrected if i'm wrong but i think that Giuliani had created
an algorithmical police. That police is trigered by criminal events
statistics and is orienteded by the increase or decrease of statistical
data in monitored areas. The program moves in loopback to reduce a class
of event targeted like prior and a list of subclasses priority. I don't
know if we can say that the program is events oriented but the classlist
must be something like: drug dealing, gangs battling, hookering etc;
conceived as public production of criminal events. If you sell drugs in
someone's house or or have sexual private clients in home there isn't
event; but if you're a clocker or work in a sex night club than we have
events. I don't know how such program can include black migrants like a
sub class variable of events in a productive way........ 

The old police was conceived to identify the deliquent. The police was
distributed by numbered districtal areas and the cop was fixed in a
delegacy. The most he know the guys in the district the most eficient he
becomes in that conception. The most important databases are related with
the power of identify someone. The algorithmic that works in that
disciplinar program was very diferent of the conception of the police

Giuliani's conception of police directly works with his algorithmical
reality. It's a events oriented program working in feedback loops like a
unpredictable feedback system. The old police was conceived like a
interface police but the new is an agent police (using S. Johnson concepts
developed in "Interface Culture)). The most subclasses groups of events is
introduced in such program the most impredictable it becomes. 

I don't know how you are interpreting the murder of Amadou in a large
view, but i'm afraid that Giullianni had implanted in a pragmatic way
extermination camp politics at some areas in NY like a "natural" extent of
loopback process of your algorithmic police. Meanwhile we all blame
against nazi ideological government in Austria, the NY major had realized
a nazi administrative way of government in the heart of globalized free
world, the giant advertising screen of NY city. I'm sure that a lot of
champagne has spoted after the justice decision in the "password"
controled area of the city and if NY people let it be all world fast will
know in your own heart what means live in a extermination camp. This
system must be hacked and his passwords cracked before it's too late. 

Sorry for the english, i'm a brazilian guy. 


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