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[Nettime-bold] Kosovo now has "rape camps" ... under KFOR.

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Subject:        	Kosovo now has "rape camps" ... under KFOR.

Your attention, please!

Reports of "rape camps" were part of the rationale for attacking and
bombing the Serbian people and the Yugoslav nation. But after the bombing
was over, evidence of Serb-run rape camps were nowhere to be found.

But don't be fooled. Just because they aren't established or patronized by
Serbs doesn't mean that there are no "rape camps" in Kosovo and 
News stories refer to the establishments in question simply as "brothels,"
but that term is evasive. The women in these "brothels" are, for the most
part, brought there against their will, either by kidnapping or by
deception, and are not allowed to leave. Therefore, any customer of such
an establishment is a rapist, whether he realizes it or not. It is no
exaggeration to label the locations where the wretched victims are held
"rape camps."

How did this situation come about? Under the U.S./NATO military 
of Kosovo, the KLA has not only taken over effective control over nearly
all of Kosovo and has turned it into a stronghold of organized crime, but
it has also spread its crime wave all over Europe. Under the KFOR
administration, the KLA has been, and is, free to do whatever it
pleases--including kidnapping and selling girls and women into slavery as
prostitutes. The victims are imprisoned in brothels all over Europe,
including in KLA-run brothels in Kosovo itself--where they are patronized
by, among others, U.S. KFOR troops.

It is a mistake to assume that prostitution is a "victimless crime."
Especially in those situations involving slave-trading in women and girls,
including underage girls, clearly it is no such thing.

We ask that you pass along this information to everyone in your
organization who is presently in Kosovo or who is scheduled to go there.
Inform your male employees and associates that consorting with prostitutes
in these establishments is not only against Yugoslav law, but also is a
form of sexual assault, and that your organization will not tolerate such
actions. Please inform your female employees about this situation also;
ask them to be observant and to report any instances of slave-trading in,
or imprisonment of, women and girls.

T. V. Weber  & Alida M. Weber  <>


If you have not already done so, please read the articles at the following

"All the lands,
in their diversity, are one,
and men are all
neighbours and brothers"

al-Zubaidi, tutor
of the andalusi Caliph
al-Hakam II 

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