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<nettime-ann> Data Feminism – open for public peer review

Hello all - 

I'm co-author (with Lauren Klein of Georgia Tech) of the book Data Feminism. The book will be coming out in 2020 with MIT Press but we are doing an experiment with MIT's PubPub to open up the first draft for online, public peer review, and it's just gone live:


Data Feminism shows how feminist thinking can be applied to work towards more ethical and equitable data science and communication practices. It is oriented to a general audience and is driven by stories, cases and examples.

The commenting period on PubPub is open until Jan 7th, 2019.

We would be very thankful for the nettime community's feedback.

Best wishes from snow in Boston,
Catherine D'Ignazio
Assistant Professor, Emerson College
Senior Fellow, Emerson Engagement Lab
Research Affiliate, MIT Center for Civic Media
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