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<nettime-ann> OPEN CALL: INHUMAN ART

The international exhibition project in ScreenSaverGallery accepts digital artwork designed for inhuman or non-human entities.
Send your work (maximum 2GB provided by link) to info♘
The deadline is midnight 20th November 2018.

The exhibition Inhuman Art takes place from 6th December 2018 to 28th February 2019 in
ScreenSaverGallery and will be presented at PAF – Festival of Film Animation and
Contemporary Art in Olomouc (



ScreenSaverGallery is the world’s only online gallery of contemporary digital art which utilizes the potential of the screensaver medium.

After downloading the program at , it activates a long unused component in the basic software system of an individual computer. Suddenly, when being inactive on your computer, the screensaver becomes a portal to the world of contemporary art. Through its emphasis on the computer context, both as a virtual space and as a physical object, this gallery is on the border between virtual and real. It manifests and symbolises the many contradictions that we face daily. As a specific experimental laboratory for the presentation of forms of visual discourse, it becomes a starting point for artistic, curatorial and educational experiments in intimate and social situations in which the Gallery is present through the screen of a computer. There, a mutual activation of physical and virtual space, a dialogue of digital work and the context of its site, all take place through the ambient mode of screensaver. The ScreenSaverGallery has already displayed a number of site-specific exhibitions and curatorial projects of international artists.

Curators: Barbora Trnková, Tomáš Javůrek, Robert Sakrowski, Marie Meixnerová.

The exhibition will take place in cooperation with PAF Olomouc and with the financial support of the city of Brno.


The concept of the exhibition project Inhuman Arts:
The exhibition project focuses on the processes involved in the formation of a work of art in the context of the notion that it is the result of mutual cooperation between human and non-human entities. Such an entity may be, for example, the medium of the artist’s own creation, or the space where your computer is located.

The theme of inhumanity currently appears in relation to the elusiveness of the computer technologies to which the ScreenSaverGallery is linked. Accepting the challenge and understanding the messages to which we are exposed through (not only) technology can be a major influence in a change of focus; the expansion of human experience, which could lead to inevitable changes with respect to political, ethical and environmental issues.

Considering visualisation and the animation of the empty and impersonal computer monitor which, thanks to the screensaver, functions as a window to the world – whether physical or virtual – but the human and inhuman world, the ScreenSaverGallery is, by its very nature, a suitable venue for an examination of artists’ relationships to the issues addressed above. The departure from a particular entity will also be thematised by the fact that the contributions will be presented anonymously, and the participants will be listed in alphabetical order on the gallery’s website.
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