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<nettime-ann> Zugzwang: 9 nov 2018 > 1 dec 2018



Walzwerk Null, Düsseldorf
09.11.2018 > 01.12.2018
Opening Friday 9, 19h

In chess, “Zugzwang” is a situation where one player forces his
opponent to move to a weaker position. All choices left to the
opponent will inevitably lead him to a disadvantage. At the same time,
Zugzwang is the perfect metaphor for the situation we are put in by
the spread of the disruption economy and the generalization of the
cybernetic management of labor.

In order to achieve the highest revenues and best tax cuts possible,
Silicon Valley has developed cunning strategies that weaken the
workers‘ economic benefits to the lowest degree. This facade extends
to the marketed “smart products” that have also been exposed as a
fraud. The smart services powered by so-called artificial intelligence
are operated by an army of underpaid offshore workers, who are put to
work to maintain the illusion.

The exhibition Zugzwang proposes a journey behind the curtain of the
forgery of complex algorithms and modern AIs. Virtual assistants,
chat-bots and even self-driving cars reveal the contemporary
conditions of work within the cybernetic regime of labor. The project
opposes the Silicon Valley propaganda by documenting the history of
this technological hoax as well as the actual fraudulence of
Fauxtomation, Faux-AI and Pseudo-AI and paints a panorama
of technologies that are governed by storytelling.



*Walzwerbk Nul*
Walzwerkstraße 14
40599 Düsseldorf
Haltestelle: S6 Düsseldorf-Reisholz
Autobahn: A46 Ausfahrt 26 Düsseldorf Eller / Autobahnkreuz Düsseldorf
Süd (A46xA59)


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