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<nettime-ann> Eindhoven Maker Faire - Call for Makers & Educators

The Eindhoven Maker Faire (29-30 Sept) will host 250 makers, 35 artists, numerous workshops and speakers, 15K visitors, a hackathon, the Eindhoven Crazy Parade.

Call for Makers is open till August 19, speakers, hackers and Parade lovers can contact us.

A Maker education conference - FabLearn - is prior to the Maker Faire on Friday 28 September, with an international line up of keynotes, masterclasses, education faire etc.
Read here for more:

Makers can have a free space or booth, and become part of a global movement of makers.
Find all information at

Contact the production office MAD emergent art center here:

All questions and remarks please to:


René Paré
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