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<nettime-ann> CURRENT SCREENSAVER: Unleashing Screensaver


Unleashing Screensaver is a participatory collaborative project which looks at the notion of aesthetic education and its diversity across fields and cultures.

Over 45 educators and their students from various educational institutions, disciplines and countries are participating with one, two or three contributions which will each be screened for one day. Ranging from gifs, sound files, videos, net art, performative screenings, theoretical statements and many more, they address their personal experiences and their attitudes towards aesthetic education, while exploring the medium of screensaver as a potential educational tool.

Every day, there will be new project. Every day, there will be new annotation on what’s going on in your screensaver and who has designed it.

Unleashing Screensaver runs in parallel with a number of participating educational institutions where the virtual Screensaver gallery has been installed in their computer rooms and libraries. Join the crowd by installing ScreenSaverGallery at the computers in your school!

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