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<nettime-ann> Call for artists - Video Fest - MAVF, Budapest 2018


MAVF, Budapest 2018

The Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc. (HMC) is soliciting entries for the Budapest, MiniArtVideoFest (MAVF)

to be held at Dual Gallery Budapest, Hungary.  In the same time we have AIR-HMC, Budapest artists residency program in the city and an exhibition opening.  The HMC a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization dedicated to promote cultural  exchange of the visual arts. 

Subject: Environmental Project


March 1, 2018


All submissions should include: 

1.  A  short biography of the artist;  

2.  A written English text of the film if necessary;  

3.  CV;  

4.  Application form;  

5.  1 photo -  jpg format;  

6.  $25 application fee.


Open to all professionals. 

- have been completed on or after January 1, 2016 

- work must be 3 minutes or less in length 

Please get in touch if you have any questions and for the application form: 

Beata Szechy

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