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<nettime-ann> this saturday from 7:30 pm: pirated cinema

Pirate Cinema Berlin presents: Short Psychogeographic Short Film Festival

Unlike most other terms that end in "geography", psychogeography was never a 
science, not even an art, and only rarely a concrete practice: that of drinking 
too much and then reapproriating small pockets of urban territory by means of 
unguided exploration. Psychogeographic cinema barely exists: Guy Debord made 
its two foundational non-films in the late 1950s, Patrick Keiller released two 
unlikely additions 20 years later. In between, two German films: as an obvious 
joke, as a document of psychogeography’s non-existing context, in order to help 
derail part of its narrative, but also to slighly widen the space across which 
these films, very clearly, speak to each other; in a language that is not, has 
never been, and will not be for the forseeable future, the language of cinema.



                                                                     january 28
                                                                        7:30 pm

                                                                     ocd studio
                                                                 kluckstraße 25


                                                           menschen im espresso
                                                                 herbert vesely
                                                          de 1958 16 min 235 mb

 sur le passage de quelques personnes à travers une assez courte unité de temps
                                                                     guy debord
                                                          fr 1959 19 min 260 mb

                                                      critique de la séparation
                                                                     guy debord
                                                          fr 1961 17 min 262 mb

                                                                   helke sander
                                                            de 1967 4 min 51 mb

                                                               stonebridge park
                                                                patrick keiller
                                                          uk 1981 20 min 245 mb

                                                                patrick keiller
                                                          uk 1983 25 min 305 mb


                                                                black and white
                                                      english french and german
                                                         with english subtitles

                                                                   copies to go
                                                              bring a usb stick
                                                                  or hard drive


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pirate cinema berlin

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