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<nettime-ann> Frankfurt School Critical Theory - Donald Trump, authoritarian capitalism/populism & Twitter


Read how Donald Trump is prototypical for a new form of authoritarian capitalism. What is authoritarian capitalism? How does Trump practice authoritarian capitalism? These questions are discussed in C. Fuchs' new study "Donald Trump: A Critical Theory-Perspective on Authoritarian Capitalism" that uses critical theory for the analysis of Trump:

What does Trump's Twitter use tell us about how politics works in authoritarian capitalism? The following piece analyses how Twitter's me-centredness is the ideal tool for Trump's narcissistic and authoritarian politics:

Critical theory is urgently needed today...

The journal tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique will throughout 2017 operate the special section "Critical Theory Interventions on Authoritarianism and Right-Wing Extremist Ideology in Contemporary Capitalism" and invites submission of interventionist contributions to this section - Submission details:

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