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<nettime-ann> Invitation: Ranking Digital Rights in India, Discussion (Jan 07) and Rankathon (Jan 08)

Dear all,

Greetings from the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS).

We are pleased to invite you to a discussion on Ranking Digital Rights
in India on Saturday, January 07, at the India Islamic Cultural Centre,
New Delhi.

Towards developing an understanding of how Indian ICT companies are
recognising and upholding digital rights of their users, and to raise
public awareness about the same, CIS studied 8 Indian ICT companies,
with support from Privacy International, using the methodology developed
under the Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Responsibility Index

Please join us for a presentation of our findings, followed by an open
structured discussion on the parameters of evaluation and sources of
information. The sessions will primarily focus on how Indian ICT
companies are treating digital rights across their spectrum of users. We
hope to initiate dialogue on how to gain greater insight into India ICT
company practices regarding digital rights and to raise public awareness
around the same.

To further encourage programmers, researchers, journalists, students,
and users in general to visualise and discuss the findings of the study,
and to contribute to conversations on digital rights, we are organising
a “Rankathon” on Sunday, January 08, at the CIS office in Delhi.

Please find further details about both the events in the links below:

*Discussion on Ranking Digital Rights*, January 7,

*Rankathon on Digital Rights*, January 8,

We would be delighted if you could join us. Please RSVP by sending an
email to

Also, please support us by sharing this invitation with your colleagues
and networks.




Sumandro Chattapadhyay

Research Director
The Centre for Internet and Society

Twitter: <>
PGP: <>
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