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<nettime-ann> Lecture Series: Media Arts and the Archive, DanubeU

Lecture Series: Media Arts and the Archive

Danube University / Department of Image Science / Krems, Austria

Leading experts discuss contemporary handleing of Media Art from research to the archive. How have digital media changed our perception and interaction with images? How do museums and archives address the new challenges of collecting, researching, indexing and interpreting Media Art? Numerous contemporary issues arise for debate through Media Arts, from the image and media revolutions, human-machine interaction, to globalization and surrveillience society. What connections do we find between media art and the archive addressed in these controversial topics.

The Lecture Series "Media Art and the Archive" focuses on proposed solutions for the central dilemma of arts politics of our time. Internationally chosen experts from art history, humanities, museum studies and art envision solutions, strategies, and ground-breaking results from a variety of research fields.


Prof. Jeffery Shaw (CityU / HK)
08.08.2016, Danube University
The Age of Experience

Dr. Ana Peraica (DanubeU / AT)
02.11.2016, Danube University
Media of Self-Representation and Media Politics

Dr. Andreas Broeckmann (Leuphana / GER)
03.11.2016, Danube University
Machine Art - History and Aesthetics

Patricia Falcao (Tate Modern / UK)
10.11.2016, Danube University
Preserving, Documenting and Displaying Media Art

Dr. Harald Kraemer (CityU / HK)
05.12.2016, Danube University
Multimedia Classics - Hypermedia Hermeneutics:
On the Increasing Loss of Digital Cultural Heritage

Morten Sondergaard (AalborgU / DK)
6. 12. 2016, Danube University
Sound + Art + Archives

Ramón Reichert (Universität Wien / A)
13. 12. 2016, Stift Göttweig, Zentrum für Bildwissenschaften
Analogizität Digitalität Postdigitalität,

Erna Fiorentini (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin / GER)
16.02. 2017, Danube University
Visual Worlds

Donau-Universität Krems, Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30, 3500 Krems / 17.00 18:30, unless otherwise noted.

Department für Bildwissenschaft:
Archive of Digital Art

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