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<nettime-ann> Call for Demonstrations OzCHI 2016

===== Apology for any cross-posting =====

For the first time in the history of OzCHI, we are having a research demonstration track this year. The OzCHI demonstration track is the hands ­on part of the conference for showing your work and engaging with the OzCHI attendees. Your demonstration can take the shape of a live, interactive demo, a lab/corporate exhibition or any combination of these! Research demonstrations will be open to general public. Hence, it must be relevant for the scientific community and have appeal to the general public.

Important Dates
Submission deadline: 31st August 2016
Acceptance notification: 30th September 2016

Submission Format
We encourage a diverse range of submissions and demonstrations from all forms of human­-computer interaction research. You are free to demonstrate the work presented in the papers or posters, as well as any new visionary, engaging or thrilling project not yet presented elsewhere! 
To submit a proposal for a demo, please fill out his form:

The following information will be needed to fill out the form:
  • The title of the proposed demonstration
  • The names of the authors
  • The name, telephone number and email address of the contact person
  • A description of your demo addressing the following points:
    • What makes it unique and special?
    • Why will it draw a general crowd?
    • Why will it be interesting for HCI researchers?
    • Provision of keywords
  • Information about the demonstration space:
    • The amount of floor or desktop space needed (length, width, height in meters)
  • The list of equipment you will bring (be as detailed as you can be)
    • Any power, socket and outlet needs
  • The list of equipment that you would want us to provide. Please note that beyond general equipment and connections we cannot guarantee any equipment.
  • Networking requirements (ethernet, wifi, non­HTTP)
  • Any environment requirements (Does this demonstration require a dark environment? Does it produce or is sensitive to a large amount of noise or light? Etc.)
  • Optional (but preferred): URL of your demo video (Video in QuickTime, MPEG, or Windows Media Viewer not to exceed 50MB is recommended. Please do NOT send your video by email.)
  • Anything else that you want us know about your demonstration

Selection Process
The demonstrations will be rated based on their potential appeal to the OzCHI attendees and general public. The clarity of the proposal (having a video will help!) will help us make this decision.

Research Demonstration Chairs:

Arindam Dey (University of South Australia)
Ulrich Engelke (CSIRO) 

Enquiries can be forwarded to

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