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<nettime-ann> [FYI] Assistant Professor Position Opening at NAIST, Japan

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--- Please find a message below from Dr. Sandor, NAIST ---

hi everyone,

we currently have an open assistant professor position in our lab.
this email is only an informal announcement (official announcement will follow within the next few weeks).
details are below, but the short version is:
the conditions for this position are truly outstanding.

if you are currently at IEEE VR and your are interested,
please approach Prof. Kato or myself to chat about this.
you can also send us an email to make an appointment.

although the position is focused on AR,
we also accept VR experts who are willing to learn :-)

Best regards,
        Christian Sandor

Associate Professor Dr. Christian Sandor
Co-Director: Interactive Media Design Lab
Nara Institute of Science and Technology

General Chair: ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction 2016

======  Assistant Professor Position in Augmented Reality at NAIST ======
The Interactive Media Design Lab (http://imd.naist.jp) at Nara Institute of
Science and Technology (NAIST) is calling for outstanding candidates to fill an
Assistant Professor position.

The candidate can start as soon as possible after 1 June 2016.  However, due to the candidate
selection and visa application process, we consider 1 August 2016 to be a realistic starting date.

=== Key Descriptors ===
- Duration: 5 years (can be extended for 5 more years)
- Research focus; no teaching or reporting to external funding agencies
- Excellent research budget
- Excellent research environment with rich internal collaboration opportunities
- Great recreational opportunities in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara,
Kobe) and convenient access to Tokyo (3 hours by bullet train)
- Competitive salary
- Language on the job: English

=== Responsibilities ===
Conducting research in areas including but not limited to
- Head-Worn Light Field Displays
- Room-sized haptic devices
- World-scale localization and tracking

=== Qualification/Skills ===
- PhD in computer science or related areas
- Outstanding research record with publications at top conferences and journals
- Research experience in at least one of the following areas: Computer Vision,
Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics, Augmented Reality,
Virtual Reality

- Interest in learning Japanese (it helps you to enjoy your spare time)
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