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Subject: RADiCAL.PiRATiCAL: (a really) Open Call for Workshops


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RADiCAL.PiRATiCAL: (a really) Open Call for Workshops

~~~What is This?~~~

Focusing on an exploration of various modes of non-legalist archival
practices–non-legalist archives being those archives which are created
without corporate or state interference, but are horizontally-curated,
communal collections–RADiCAL.PiRATiCAL will aim to explore questions along
the lines of how are independent archives formed and operated, how are
legal and technical challenges grappled with, and how is information
disseminated via these archiving practices? How can information be
archived and shared not merely by state, corporate or institutional
entities, but by individuals or community-based collectives?

The event will present three broad strands, under three pirate sails: case
study presentations from those involved in various shadow archiving
practices and projects around the world, theoretical situating of the
myriad modes of resistance to intellectual properties as setting both the
contextual and conceptual situatedness under which independent archiving
may operate, and finally practical workshops exploring the potentialities
of engagement in the DIY practices of shadow archiving.

Situated amidst a suffocating climate of a variety of existent barriers to
open knowledge sharing–Digital Rights Management, verbose legalese
injunctions, and pro-intellectual property agitation from vested corporate
parties, to name but a few examples–RADiCAL.PiRATiCAL will be a two-day
event focused on critically engaging with the politics and practices of
so-called intellectual properties by creating, quite simply, the
possibility for some breathing room in the discussion of the
potentialities of the archive's contribution to practices of data

~~~Where & When~~~

RADiCAL.PiRATiCAL will take place May 2-3 in Malmö, Sweden.

~~~Open Workshop Call~~~

Does all this sound like something you don't just want to attend but want
to help shape and be an active participant in? We have a number of open
half-hour slots on the workshop portion of the schedule
[] where you can sign-up
to conduct a workshop of your choosing. This being a genuine open call
(meaning you don't need to contact anyone for permission), simply sign up
for a slot by editing
[] the
aforementioned schedule wiki page, show up, and do your thing.

Potential workshops should somehow revolve around our theme of radical
piratical practice, non-legalist archiving, or ensuing
socio-economic-gender-political-et cetera dimensions thereof. Workshops
can range from topics geared towards budding pirate beginners to arcane
piratical esoterica.

When planning your workshop, remember that the workshops are meant to be
ethnographic depictions of on-going/emergent pirate trends, operating in
the realm of speculative potentiality (in other words, think 'this is how
smuggler pirates foil radar systems' or 'these are some potential
weaknesses in existent radar systems', not 'this is how you should foil
radar systems to engage in any sort of illegal maritime activities').

Some random potential topic ideas could include the following (feel free
to do a workshop on any of these!):

* The Politics of Piracy
* Radar Subversion Mechanisms Employed by Pirate Smugglers in the Pacific
* Setting up a Community PirateBox
* NFOs, SFVs, DIZs, and other Pirate Ephemera Explained
* A Reverse Engineering Primer
* Challenges of Maintaining Large-Scale Data Warehousing Arrays
* Optimal Video Encoding Methods
* Book Scanning for Budding Bibliophiles
* Pirate Sewing: The Art of the Knock-Off

~~More iNFOs Please~~

For more details, see 

Direct all additional inquiries to

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