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Good afternoon,
My name es Nuria Fernandez and I'm working in Comunication Department in Centre for Art and Creative Industries, in Gijón (Spain). I would like publish again the information in the list about the new post of Director of Activities. It's very important because the term finish the next martch 30th.
Thank you very much

LABoral invites applications for the post of Director of Activities at the Centre for Art and Creative Industries


The centre is looking for a candidate with experience in the art and creative industries sector and extensive knowledge of the surrounding region.


Among their objectives, candidates must design a strategic plan for the programme of activities and combine international outreach with seeking collaboration with Asturian institutions and bodies.


This morning LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries published an international call for applications to fill the post of Director of Activities. The conditions of the selection process establish a profile with wide-ranging experience — particularly in the art and creative industries sector — as well as international reach and knowledge of the surrounding region, a sphere in which the centre is looking to deepen its ties through collaboration with regional institutions and bodies. The period for submitting applications will be open until 30 March 2016.


Among his or her objectives, the Director of Activities will be required to combine developing LABoral’s distinctive and forward-looking project with a clear international focus and a commitment to the region. The Centre for Art and Creative Industries is one of the cornerstones of Gijón’s “Golden Mile of Knowledge”, a space where science and technology live side-by-side with art and culture.


In this context, working with technological institutions, parks and centres, as well as with the Asturian industrial sector, in spheres of interest that contribute to developing LABoral takes on special importance. Among the institutions with which the centre aims to collaborate more closely are the University of Oviedo, the Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias, the Escuela Superior de Arte del Principado de Asturias in Avilés, the Escuela de Arte de Oviedo, secondary schools teaching the baccalaureate in art, and the Centro Integrado de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido de Langreo. In addition, LABoral will also seek to promote the art scene in Asturias nationally and internationally.


The Director of Activities must develop a strategic plan for the centre’s programme of activities in the areas of exhibition, production, education and research. The profile for the appointment devotes special attention to the candidates’ experience in managing projects connected with the visual arts, digital culture and creative industries.



Submission of applications


Interested persons must submit their CV/résumé, which must be accompanied by the documentary evidence substantiating the achievements stated in the application, and a report analysing the current state of the LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries project, as well as a general plan including the main lines of action or initiatives that they would undertake in the short term as the Centre’s Director of Activities.


These documents must be submitted and addressed to the Secretary of the Fundación La LABoral. Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, either by email to secretario@laboralcentrodearte.org or by post to C/ Los Prados, 121, 33203 Gijón – Asturias (Spain) in a sealed envelope, marked “Plaza de Director de Actividades” (Post of Director of Activities).

Closing date for submission of applications: 30 March 2016.


Further information at the following link:



Nuria Fernández
Responsable de Comunicación
Tlf. 985240094/649514469

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